Thursday, March 22, 2018

IMLP Training Week 7

Week 7 - Base 2 Week 1
Monday, March 12- Rest
Tuesday, March 13 - 4.86 mi run with Holly + strength + 2000yd swim
     Time: 6:23pm, Duration: 46:52, Avg Pace: 9:38, 3x6 uphill strides, Loc: Millennium trail, Felt: good
     Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout A, Time: 8:22pm, Duration: 44:00, Felt: Good, better at these exercises   
     Time: 9:15pm, Duration: 43:00, Avg Pace: 2:09, (6x50 easy WU, 4x100 alt. 1 arm pull and free, 3x100 ankle pull buoy,  5x200 moderate w/ 15s rest), Felt: new drill with ankle pull buoy was tough

Wednesday, March 14 - 12.4 mi bike
     Time: 9:07pm, Duration: 1:01:00, Avg Speed: 12.2, Loc: Indoor trainer, 10, 8, 10 min in Z3, Felt: irritated by myself for    starting so late and then irritated that speed sensor kept dropping out
Thursday, March 15 - 5.4 mi run with Holly
     Time: 6:39pm, Duration: 52:27, Avg Pace: 9:43, Loc: Millennium Trail, 3x8 min in Z3 w/ 2 min recovery, Felt: left calf very tight but able to run in zones well
Friday, March 16 - 11 mi bike
     Time: 6:13am, Duration: 46:49, Avg Speed: 14.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Force ride with 3x6 revs hard/2 min easy spin, Felt: calf still tight
Saturday, March 17- 4.1 mi run with Holly
     Time: 10:05am, Duration: 40:34, Avg Pace: 9:51, Loc: Cascade, Felt: calf still tight
Sunday, March 18 - 25 mi bike
     Time: 9:42pm, Duration: 1:44:46, Avg Speed: 14.3 mph, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: struggled to even get HR up to Z2

Totals - 8 sessions, 64 miles, 7:19 time
  • 1 swim, 2000 yds, 0:43 
  • 3 rides, 48.4 mi, 3:28 
  • 3 runs , 14.4 mi, 2:20 
  • 1 strength, 0:44 

Total for this cycle
  • 9 swims, 15350 yds, 5:31 
  • 16 rides, 246.2 mi, 17:14 
  • 17 runs, 91.4 mi, 15:15 
  • 6 strength, 5:55
Need to practice my running selfie too.  

  • My left calf got very irritated after Thursday's run. It felt like I had gotten a charlie horse and there was just a ball of really tight muscle still in there.  I stretched and massaged it on Friday and Saturday and thankfully by Sunday it felt pretty good.  I decided to cut my run short on Saturday because it was still tight.  I'd rather train less right now than risk injury.  
  • I switched the battery out in my speed sensor on my bike and updated and restarted my watch so I am hopeful I've fixed the speed dropping out issue.  I know indoor trainer "miles" don't matter and aren't equivalent to outdoor miles but I just want to know when I am going faster. First world problems. 
  • I don't love how dark it is in the mornings but I sure love having a lot of light after work! I was able to run on Millennium Trail on both Tuesday and Thursday. It's been a few months since I've been able to run there because I won't run there in the dark.  
  • Matt was gone again this week but now he doesn't have any upcoming travel on his schedule! Yay!  
  • We got back at 9:30pm on Sunday night from our weekend visit to Iowa and I got on my bike and rode till a little after 11pm.  Crazy? Yes, but I wanted to get a ride in.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and being able to ride my bike outside! 
  • 122 days to go! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

IMLP Training Week 4, 5, and 6

Week 4 - Base 1 Week 2
Monday, February 19 - 12.06 mi bike
     Time: 9:05pm, Duration: 52:45, Avg Speed: 13.7, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: leg stabilizer muscles sore from yesterday's run
Tuesday, February 20 - Rest
Wednesday, February 21 - Rest
Thursday, February 22 - 5.5 mi run + strength + 1600 yd swim
    Time: 6:50pm, Duration: 55:24, Avg Pace: 10:05, Loc: Treadmill, Felt: tired of the treadmill
     Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout A, Time: 7:52pm, Duration: 41:26, Felt: new workout moves, yay!
     Time: 8:37pm, Duration: 33:38, Avg Pace: 1:54, (500WU, 6 x100 hard, 200 drills, 200 moderate, 100WD), Felt: excited about seeing improvement in my 100 times
Friday, February 23 - 12.3 mi bike
     Time: 5:30am, Duration: 50:04, Avg Speed: 14.7, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: tired and wished I was in bed instead
Saturday, February 24 - 23.0 mi bike
     Time: 6:06pm, Duration: 1:33:24, Avg Speed: 14.8, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: fine
Sunday, February 25 - 8.5 mi run
     Time: 2:11pm, Duration: 1:23:25, Avg Pace: 9:49, Felt: great! little windy but able to run negative splits

Totals - 7 sessions, 62 miles, 6:50 time
  • 1 swim, 1600 yds, 0:41
  • 3 rides, 47.4 mi, 3:16
  • 2 runs , 14.0 mi, 2:18
  • 1 strength, 0:41

Week 5 - Base 1 Week 3
Monday, February 26- Rest
Tuesday, February 27 - 5 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 7:10pm, Duration: 54:53, Avg Pace: 10:58, Loc: Neighborhood, Felt: legs felt like dead weights, even Holly wasn't into it
Wednesday, February 28 - 14.5 mi bike 
     Time: 7:47pm, Duration: 1:00:31, Avg Speed: 14.4, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: hungry
Thursday, March 1 - Rest
Friday, March 2 - 11 mi bike + 3 mi run + 2250yd swim
     Time: 6:44am, Duration: 45:20, Avg Speed: 14.6, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: determined to get the ride in even though I got up late
     Time: 6:28pm, Duration: 29:42, Avg Pace: 9:56, Loc: Neighborhood, Felt: underdressed
     Time: 8:09pm, Duration: 47:20, Avg Pace: 1:52, (6x50 easy, 6x100 alt. 1-arm pull and free, 9x150), Felt: rushed for time at the end bc the gym closes at 9
Saturday, March 3 -  strength + 1900yd swim
     Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout B, Time: 7:14am, Duration: 32:10, Felt: fine 
     Time: 7:53am, Duration: 41:47, Avg Pace: 2:02, (6x50 easy, 6x100 alt. 1-arm pull and free, 5x200), Felt: good 
Sunday, March 4 - 8 mi run w/ Holly
     Time: 9:17am, Duration: 1:20:31, Avg Pace: 10:04, Loc: Cascade, Felt: hills are hard!

Totals - 8 sessions, 44 miles, 6:32 time
  • 2 swims, 4150 yds, 1:29
  • 2 rides, 25.5 mi, 1:46
  • 3 runs , 16.0 mi, 2:45
  • 1 strength, 0:32

Week 6 - Base 1 Week 4 Recovery
Monday, March 5- Rest
Tuesday, March 6 - Rest
Wednesday, March 7 - 3.5 mi run + strength + 11 mi ride 
     Time: 8:00pm, Duration: 36:37, Avg Pace: 10:27, Loc: Treadmill, Felt: bored by treadmill
     Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 workout A, Time: 8:42pm, Duration: 30:56, Felt: good
     Time: 9:45pm, Duration: 54:34, Avg Speed: 12.1, Loc: Indoor trainer, Felt: legs were tired after other workouts
Thursday, March 8 - 3 mi run + 1800yd swim
     Time: 8:19pm, Duration: 31:41, Avg Pace: 10:34, Loc: treadmill, Felt: major DOMS from lunges in the glutes and legs
     Time: 9:03pm, Duration: 40:15, Avg Pace: 1:51, (4x50 easy, 4x50 pull buoy, 4x50 kick, 4x300 moderate), Felt: good!
Friday, March 9 - Rest
Saturday, March 10 -  28.5 mi ride + strength + 1600yd swim
     Time: 2:49pm, Duration: 2:00:34, Avg Speed: 14.2, Loc: indoor trainer, Felt: good, legs still a little sore from strength
     Strength: Strong Phase 1 Stage 2 Workout B, Time: 5:36pm, Duration: 31:31, Felt: legs tired after bike
     Time: 6:17pm, Duration: 31:38, Avg Pace: 1:51, (400WU, 1000 test hard, 100WD), Felt: smooth and strong
Sunday, March 11 - 8 mi run (4 with Matt and Holly) + 10.1 mi ride + yoga
     Time: 10:20am, Duration: 1:19:38, Avg Pace: 9:57, Loc: Pine Dunes FP, Felt: working hard to run through the sloppy path
     Time: 9:38pm, Duration: 45:03, Avg Speed: 13.4 mph, Loc: Indoor Trainer, Felt: easy recovery
     Time: 10:30pm, Duration: 23:00, Yoga for Cyclists by Yoga by Adriene,  Felt: good to stretch glutes and hips

Totals - 11 sessions, 66 miles, 8:45 time
  • 2 swims, 3400 yds, 1:12
  • 3 rides, 49.6 mi, 3:40
  • 3 runs , 14.5 mi, 2:28
  • 2 strength, 1:02
  • 1 yoga, 0:23

Total for this cycle
  • 8 swims, 13350 yds, 4:48
  • 13 rides, 197.8 mi, 13:46
  • 14 runs, 77.0 mi, 12:55
  • 5 strength, 5:11
Waiting to lick the salt off my legs
  • It's been a few weeks, hasn't it?! Ironman training takes up a lot of time!
  • My husband has been traveling a lot for work lately (currently on the third week in a row!).  It's a lot to manage on my own but I'm (sort of) making it work. Sometimes though, I stand in front of the open fridge door and wonder what the heck I am going to eat and then I get sad there is no food I want to eat in there. How did I do this when we weren't living together -- oh yeah, I ate cereal for dinner regularly.  I'll be glad when he is traveling less again and can walk the dog instead of me :) 
  • I'm really happy with how my fitness is coming along.  My running pace is getting faster! 
  • I was so glad so have a recovery week, I even got to take a nap on the couch one night! I needed it as I was pooped! 
  • 129 days to go! 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

S-NO-W Fun Run 2018

Six word recap: Out of shape, running is hard.

S-NO-W Fun Run
January 6, 2018 
2:30 pm
5 mile run

This is the second year, Matt and I have completed this race. Of course, the real draw is the after-party and we completed that too! Our friends, Ben and Kyleen convinced to sign up again this year.  My biggest goal this year was to not party as hard as last year and spoiler, I managed to accomplish that.

The race and party all takes place at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  So when you party too hard at the after-party, you only need to stumble back to your room.  Our group of four headed up to Lake Geneva on Friday night after work .  We made sure to purchase beer before dinner as you cannot purchase alcohol from a store after 9pm in Wisconsin. Dinner was the fish fry at Popeye's.  It was very chilly Friday night so  I needed a warm coffee to warm me up!  We enjoyed the pool and a drink before calling it a night.  No need to set the alarms for Saturday as the race starts well into the day at 2:30 pm.

We had a leisurely morning grabbing breakfast at Simple Cafe, a staple in Lake Geneva for us now - we've been there three times now and it doesn't disappoint.  After breezily making our way through packet pickup, we relaxed in our hotel room before the race.  Around 2pm, I got dressed in my layers - for my own reference: insulated tights and insulated running top with a long sleeve shirt underneath.  The temperature was around 12 degrees and sunny with very little wind!  Our group went out a did a short warm up jog to get the blood flowing in the legs.

The course changed slightly this year so instead of waiting to start outside, runners are able to wait inside the Forum banquet room till right before the start. Yay, warmth! Matt, Kyleen and I all started together with a loose plan to stay together for at least the early part of the race.  The place leading out from the start was crowded so the start was fairly slow.  As we made our way around the hotel buildings, the crowd stayed pretty much the same but as soon as we left the path for the open road, spacing improved quickly.  After a nice, easy downhill section, I settled into a nice "comfortably hard" pace.  There isn't too much to note from miles 2-4.5.  The wind wasn't a factor at all this year which was great and I never felt too cold.  Before this race, I'd maybe ran 10 miles in the whole month of December, so even running at an "easy pace" felt tough.  Turns out not training, doesn't make you faster.  Go figure.

Near the end of the race, you have to run back up the long hill which blerg.  I walked some of that hill! After the big hill, the finish is a gradual downhill back around the hotel!  It felt great to stop running!

Then the real fun begins!  Once you cross the finish line, you go back inside to the schnapps buffet!  Imagine every flavor of schnapps and then some and that's what it looks like.  It's also very difficult to do a bunch of shots after you just ran hard -- not to mention I don't love shots in the first place.

Even though I was the slowest out of our group, I still managed to grab second place in my age division - 29 - one-year age groups with a 47:43.  We celebrated with the free beer and free food.  Last year, we made the mistake of going back to our room right after the race to shower and missed out on most of the food - not this time!  The run also has raffle prizes but you have to be present to win, we had planned to stay till that but they announced it would be another 45 minutes till they started so we opted to go back and shower then.  When we made it back 45 minutes later, raffle prizes were all ready finished, rats!! Next year we will learn our lesson for that too!

The rest of the night was mostly shenanigans.  The sausage dance and hunk dance were incredibly raunchy and the costumes--oh boy. The theme this year was pajama party and Matt and I sported our very family-friendly pajamas as shown below - Holly was not included. 

We also got to join in on a giant game of flippy cup and ended the night at the pool! Oh and we got pizza! Plus I wasn't hungover in the morning so I win! 

Cost: $39.22
Pros: great, debaucherous after-party with free food and drinks, gets the year started off with a fun race
Cons: weather can be a crap-shoot since it is January, I am usually incredibly out-of-shape at this time of the year 
Would I do it again?  Yup!

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