Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 Racing Statistics

'Tis the time of year for yearly recaps. And I couldn't miss out on that!  I did my racing statistics for both 2012 and 2013 and was all set about doing it this year too. Then I realized the only race I participated in this year was the Ironman. I did do one bike ride this year as well. So the stats are short.

Races/Events participated in: 2
Races "raced": 1
DNFs/DNSs: 0
Volunteered at: 0
Miles raced: 215.6

Ironman: 1
75 Mile Bike: 1

States: Illinois &; Wisconsin
I did a lot of biking and running in Iowa as well. 


I definitely lucked out this year and had great weather for both the Udder Century and IMWI

Races for free: 0
Race entries I paid for others: 0
Total spent: $728
Average cost per race ($728/2): $364
Average cost per mile ($728/215.6): $3.38
Cheapest Race: Udder Century ($28) and there is a pasta dinner!
Most expensive race: Ironman Wisconsin.  To be fair they have a buffet too.  If warm chicken broth is your thing.

Ironman - 13:16:20 

Races run alone: 0
Races run with Kelly: 2  

Best of:
Race Picture:  It's a tie

The medal is ugly though

Post Race Breakfast:

Finish Line:

Training Partner: 

  • I did not see any weasels this year which was disappointing.  But the universe made it up to me because I saw a dog riding in a sidecar with goggles on.  It was amazing as it sounds. 
  • I did a lot of solo training this year.  Which helped with mental endurance but did not help with my social life.
  • I already signed up for 4 races in 2015! Ironman training really limited my racing so I'm looking forward to racing more!
  • Last year I mentioned I wanted to break 2 hours in the half marathon and 3 hours in an Olympic-distance triathlon. I didn't even do any of those events in 2014. I have higher hopes for 2015. 
  • I spend $3427 on triathlon related stuff BEFORE I stopped counting in August. And that doesn't even include my race entry or my gym membership.  Ouch. This is not a cheap sport. 
  • No injuries this year! Just one really irritated glute muscle that upon further investigation might have actually been my piriformis.
  • According to Garmin Connect, I ran 255 miles, biked 1577 miles, and swam 30 miles.  For all activities I covered 1969 miles over 214 hours. I'm guessing that is an underestimate because I wasn't even recording things before I started Ironman training. I'm still impressed. Maybe I can get to 2015 miles for this year!

Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 In Review

Instead of doing a typical month by month review (which you can pretty much get from looking at the sidebar), I thought I would do a little recap by the numbers of some things I talked about and some things I've missed.

3 - Vacations Taken (Jackson Hole, Okoboji, and Galena)

1 - Engagments

Not Enough - Moose Marys consumed

1 - Moves to a new place

26 - years on this planet I celebrated

4 -  Bikes that live at my house currently 

4 - Weddings attended this year

3 - Weddings I skipped this year 

What I was mostly doing instead 

Too many - Bike rides indoors

60 - years together for grams and gramps

10 minimum - candy bars I ate while biking

2 - Bloody runs

1/week - Sandwiches I ate from Jimmy Johns for most of the summer

140.6 - Miles covered in the Ironman

1 - Garth Brooks concerts

43-37 - Final score of Packers win we celebrated at Lambeau

10 - Years I waited to marry this man

2015 - Year I rang in with my friends and some Moscow Mules

2014 was a really great year. In some ways I'm sad to see it go.  It had a lot of great highs--the Ironman, our wedding, great vacations--but it also was a really stressful year--Ironman training, busy work season I've ever had, wedding planning. I'm sure 2015 holds many more great adventures for me as well.  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Some people model their medals on their dog.  I have a fox to be my medal model.

Matt has weird hobbies, I know. This lived in our living room for about 2 months but now I've moved him to the "trophy room" a.k.a. the second bedroom full of all our crap. His name is Billy. 

2.  After suffering the worst allergy season of my life from about March to September this year, I finally got to see an allergist.  Since I have HMO health insurance, I had to get a referral from my primary care physician before I could go (or pay for it out of pocket). That took 3 visits before I was able to convince her I was NOT OKAY. 

The good news is that my allergist is awesome.  I got tested again. 

I'm allergic to cats, some grass pollen, some tree pollen, ragweed pollen, and dust.  Which explains why my allergies last from March to November.  The allergist prescribed me some new drugs to try out which seem to be helping more. But the best news is that I feel like she actually listens to me. I was starting to feel defeated with the whole allergy thing.  I was so congested all the time that my brain felt hazy and it was hard to concentrate at work.  After going to my regular doctor a few times and not being able to get over the congestion I thought that maybe that was as good as I was going to feel.  When I told the allergist about the congestion and hazy brain she was concerned that I could have a sinus infection as well so she came up with a plan of attack if I did not start feeling better with the change in medications. 

Thankfully I am feeling better now. 

3. I'm am now part of the Clever Training Ambassador program! Clever Training has a ton of fitness gear including clothing, GPS watches, foam rollers, and so much more from a bunch of the top brands. 

To welcome me to the program, Clever Training sent me a bunch of great stuff including this tank top.  Plus I received CEP compression socks, water bottle with a filter, and a towel! Thanks Clever Training.  

Plus I have a discount code to share with all of you:  NEIERSCT10

That code will save you 10% on your purchase! 

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