Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apparently I didn't take my vitamins...

I thought I would share a bit of humor today.
This morning as I was getting dressed, okay you caught me it was actually 10 am not the morning anymore I.NEED.SLEEP, anyways, I pulled down a pair of jeans from my closet shelf.  While putting them on, in my still groggy morning state, I realized there was still something in the pocket.  Immediately I was excited because I thought it was money, but lo and behold it was not money, nope in fact it was my vitamin and 2 fish oil pills.  Darn.  I was really hoping for some extra cash because I love when that happens.  Really, I get very excited when I find money I had forgotten about in my pockets. 
Hmmm, when was the last time I wore these jeans?  Yeah no idea.  Sometime last week possibly? I guess i forgot to take my vitamins that day...Oops.  So instead, I took those vitamins today! I think they are still good after a week of being stored in my dirty jeans pocket.  No sense wasting them.
You may wonder why there was ever vitamins in my pocket in the first place.  Well let me tell you.  If I don't have any a big enough breakfast in the morning when I get up, I can't take my vitamins before I leave for school/work because I spend the next few hours feeling nauseous and/or burping up terrible tasting nastiness.  It's gross.  So instead I put them in my pocket and take them with my lunch. Because who really wants that gross taste in their mouth?
I try and mostly succeed at taking all those smelly horsepills everyday.  2400 mg of fish oil to help keep my cholesterol in check (even though I'm 22 and eat vegetables like they are going out of style and exercise approximately everyday and don't really have a family history of high cholesterol), 1 multivitamin to help me not feel dizzy every time I stand up, and 1 Zyrtec/Zyrtec-D to help me be able to not scratch my eyeballs out and not sneeze every other second.  But I'm still super duper stuffy all the time.  FreezesoonFreezesoonFreezesoon PLEASE!
I hope I didn't leave any those pills in any other random locations. :-/
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