Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dishes-Most appropriately completed after midnight

Okay, I have a secret.  But if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell my mother. 
I love to do the dishes! I don't know when this relationship with my kitchen sink developed but I would never cheat on it for a dishwasher. A combination of factors has really solidified my love for dishwashing.
First off, it's time I get to spend by myself.  Let me explain. I am an extrovert.  I love being around people, I love talking, and I love having someone to laugh with.  That being said, after long days of school where I am either studying with others, in class, working on group projects, going to other meetings, and other things, I need time to debrief.  Doing the dishes is my time where I get to reflect on my day and how things are going in my life. After being on the go for about 16 hours, it's nice to do something as mindless as scrub a plate.  This girl just needs time when someone isn't expecting a response or thought out of her.
Second, a clean kitchen gives me piece of mind.  There's something very relaxing about the kitchen having clean counter tops and no clutter.  I don't know where this came from either, because I am not a neat freak.  You should see my bedroom! (And I actually like when that is all picked up and clean too but kitchen has priority.) This is also the reason I cannot study at home, I'd rather clean than do homework so I force myself to leave. In fact, it actually caused me anxiety when my old roommate when bake and not clean up because the counters would be covered in dishes and batter and there would be no clean bowls.  I honestly had trouble going in there and sometimes would just start cleaning even though I told myself not to.
Messy kitchens are embarrassing when you have guests over.  I like to have people over for dinner when I get a little bit of free time and I can't stand showing off a kitchen in disarray. A clean kitchen gives off the appearance that I have my life in order whereas a dirty one just means that my life is a mess.  Which it is sometimes...a lot of times, but you know I try and give off a good impression that I have my stuff together.
I have been so busy lately that I haven't been getting home till around midnight each night and so I don't get to the dishes till then either.  That means I am doing the dishes at about 1 am.  That's when everybody does the dishes, right? Good unwinding activity, I swear. 
So really, don't tell my mom because for years she had to force me to dry the dishes at home and I complained and whined.  So she may try to retaliate and force me to do them every time I go back now. 
I'm just hoping tonight I can sweep the floor and clean off the kitchen table.  Then maybe I can start attacking that bedroom of mine...
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