Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my dear friend.

So yesterday was my friend Laura's birthday.  She's 23 now so I thought I would do a little blog tribute to her.  She will probably never read this because she possibly thinks that my blog is a little ridiculous to write because in her words, "You know it's like an online journal, right?"  And I do but I really enjoy it.  So here goes anyway.  Maybe I will send this to her.

It's funny to think that it was only about a year ago when our friendship really took off.  Of course we knew each other for about a year and a few months prior to that but had never really gotten the chance to hang out.  That's when I found out we had a mutual love for Diet Mountain Dew and ice cream and food in general and I knew it we were going to be friends.  That was probably one of the most fun studying for finals weeks I've had right there in our secret study spot in the engineering basement.
You've definitely been a great friend for me throughout the past year.  You've challenged me not only physically but mentally.  I ran more miles this year than I ever have before in my life.  You planted the idea of a triathlon in my head this spring and we both saw it through.  We trained together, you taught me how to swim again, and then we raced together.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I'm glad you pushed me to do it, even when I thought we were both crazy.
I've told you before that you were different than most of the other friends I have.  And it's true.  We are both very strong-minded on things, but where with other people I am sometimes more reserved in what I say, with you I can say my honest opinion and not worry about it.  And I think you do the same with me.  You don't judge.  And even if we discuss it and we still don't agree on something, it's fine we still get what the other is saying.  I like that.
You've helped me through a lot this year.  Relationship questions, what do I want to do with my life questions, how should I handle this situation question, as well as probably a billion other things.  It's helped more than you know, even when it seems like the problem didn't really get solved, I'm glad you were there to talk it through with.
But enough with the serious stuff, I have also had a TON of fun with you.  In fact that's a understatement.  We've laughed a lot, we've gossiped a lot while working out, we've gotten Falbo's at 2 in the morning, and we've stayed up till at least 4 am on more than one occasion.  I have a lot of very fond memories of you, actually most of them involved us laughing because one of us didn't something dumb or funny.  Like that time you saw your professor in the hallway and had to turn around and slipped on the pile of sand and fell.  Or the time when we danced in our hotel room to "Boom, boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room".  Or when I stomped the guy's cigar out at the Homecoming football game and you reenacted it for everyone.  Or the other gazillion times you've tripped and fallen this year.  Or our failed camping trip this summer. Or that one time in Madison.
I've had a blast to say the least.
So thank you for being my friend.  It has been wonderful.  And don't worry this weird soul mate best friend thing we have going on is going to last.  And next year wherever you are I'll come visit.  
And here's a picture.
Oh and p.s. did I mention that I think you are beautiful? Because it's true.
Happy Birthday Laura, here's to many more!

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