Friday, January 28, 2011

Games and Toys

Hi, I my name is Alyssa and apparently I have a blog.  You may not remember me because it has been so long since I blogged.  I've thought of a lot of posts in my head but well they just didn't get transferred to a real-live post.  
I have a lot to talk about, so this might get slightly long.  

Christmas this year was wonderful like always.  Even though I claim it is my least favorite holiday--mostly because everyone gets all stressed out about buying gifts and preparing--I always enjoy the day entire week of family gatherings.  I played a lot of card games like Nerts and Up and Down the River and Spoons and ate my Grandma Mary's deliciously awesome sour cream cookies.  Be jealous, they are the best cookies I have ever eaten.  And I, of course, am still the reigning champion at Nerts.  No one else has probably ever heard of that game, but it's way fun and intense.
I also got some new toys for Christmas.  Starting with this.
I.Love.It.  My mom got me this because I stole her camera and she wanted it back.  It has lots of features that I don't understand or know how to use that take cool pictures.  
I also bought myself a little something with my Christmas money.  It plays good songs, and has cool apps and stuff.  It looks like this.
It's a Zune.  I ordered it from Amazon and I just got it last night.  It's glorious.  I'm still figuring out how to use it.  I spoiled myself a little.  Really I should have saved my money so I can afford to move and travel a bit before I start a NEW JOB!
That's right I will now be a working woman...scary!  The funny thing is I got this job offer right after I took on a different position at the lab I have been working in for a while.  Very ironic.  I felt slightly bad leaving this current job so soon but I couldn't turn down this opportunity.  It's a smaller company that does medical device design.  I am super excited.  And I will be moving to Chicago suburbia.  I don't have a place yet but I am looking.  I will probably live around Palatine, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg area.  Did I mention I'm excited?  More on that later.
It's weird to not start school again this semester.  It was nice to have all my friends back from break though.  It hasn't quite set in yet, and I still feel like I'm on winter break.  I kind of miss it, but not really that much.  Homework and studying and tests are stressful.  The working life is nice because when I go home at night, I can just stay home for the night, I don't need to go back to the engineering building.  On the other hand though, I really miss having little bits of free time throughout the day.  In between classes, I would often go workout or run errands or spend some time surfing on the internet.  Now my free time is all after work.  My schedule is usually get up in the morning and go to work till about 5, then workout till about 6:30.  Then I go home and have dinner and clean up after myself and it's already 8 or 8:30.  I feel like I don't have very much free time.  Maybe because it's just structured different than it was before.  I'm sure I will adjust.
Well I'm peacing out for now.  Happy Friday to everyone!
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