Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The bare fridge

Oh my goodness! Things have been crazy! Matt and I drove back from Colorado on Monday after 3 great days of skiing and seeing a wonderful old friend.  I got home to Cascade around midnight after dropping Matt off in Humboldt.  Then I was up bright and early the next day to move to my new apartment.  I would show you pictures but it is a crazy crazy mess.  I am talking clothes haphazardly strewn everywhere with no idea if they are clean or dirty, dresser in the living room, mattress on the floor, half-unpacked boxes thrown all over, and junk stuff just everywhere!
It’s always quite amazing when you move to see how much stuff you actually have!  And every time I move I collect more junk valuables.  Maybe someday I will actually stay somewhere for longer than a year.  Because really, moving is getting old, especially when you have to lug everything up and down a flight of stairs!
I don’t have internet yet, so after I get done writing this on my computer I am going over to the “clubhouse” to use the internet and post this.  But I am avoiding cleaning and putting things away really wanted to update you so I am blogging sans internet.  I had to lighten up your day by showing you this.

This is how my refrigerator (I never knew that word didn’t have a ‘d’! How did this justify shortening it to ‘fridge’!) looked after I moved in.  All I had was a few oranges, purple Gatorade (which I’ve had since August at least!), and beer, which, mind you, I probably have also had since August, well the Fat Squirrel at least.  I am always buying a six pack of beer to have people over for dinner and entertain but my guests usually only ever have one and the leftovers sit around for-e-ver because I never drink them.  It’s really kind of funny.  I enjoy a good beer, but I really don’t enjoy drinking them by myself.  It ruins it for me.  So somebody come over and visit me in my new place!
My fridge reminds me of a boy college student’s.  Except his would probably be slightly different,  Busch Light instead of Fat Tire and Fat Squirrel, Mountain Dew or Red Bull instead of purple Gatorade, and left over pizza instead of oranges.  How can people live like that? I have no idea. 
All I had to eat last night was brown rice.  It was delicious, but not very satisfying!  So I went and picked up groceries tonight after my first day of work.  Now my fridge looks a little more presentable.  I say a little because I didn’t go head over heels buying groceries tonight.  I limited myself to a few things.  Not really sure why, but now I can reevaluate and decide what else I need.  Here was the result.

See, it’s much much much better.  I can even eat a balanced meal. 
Ah, food, how I enjoy thee.

p.s. Have you ever had chive cottage cheese? I bought some tonight and it’s delicious!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Views from my window

Thursday the view from the car window looked like this.  Nebraska.

And Thursday it looked like this.  Wyoming.

The view inside the car looked like this.

Wyoming was less boring than Nebraska and even had cool sites like this.

And when we finally started to see these we got very excited!
We arrived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, yesterday at about noon and hit the slopes right away.
The skiing was awesome, the weather is awesome, the town is cute.
Vacation was a much needed break.
I will right more about the trip later. 
Matt is being impatient and wants to ski.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day blog land!
The warm weather managed to stick around another day and I enjoyed it.  I still have a few days off before I move to The Windy City!  Well I have found a quaint apartment in Arlington Heights.  I will be sure to tell you all about it when I move in, along with an abundance of photos.
Back to the way I have been spending my day.  I have been spending lots of moola lately, mostly because I have too much free time to shop.  But also because I have some gift cards for the Iowa City area that I need to spend before I leave.
I stopped in at work today to collect some of my stuff and quite amazingly I have amassed quite the pile there.  So after that I hopped on over to Prairie Lights and bought these.
I'm excited to read them, but unfortunately there is a long line of books I need to read.  I keep buying and buying and borrowing them but somehow I never read them.  Eventually I will sometime get to them, I promise.  Judging by their covers, they look good.  I'm just kidding I would never judge a book by its cover.  But really I do it all the time.
Panchero's was my next destination due to a Free Burrito card.  Best of all they had pink tortillas today in honor of the day.  It was delicious, but I always eat too much and feel sick afterwards.  Some day I will learn, but probably not soon.
The gift card to the bookstore was just burning a hole in my pocket.  So I had to buy this.
Forgive my laziness, but I wouldn't get up off the couch.  It's very comfy.
I like shopping and it is soooooo much nicer when I don't have to spend my own money.  Oddly enough at the same time, I will hold onto a gift card forever.  I don't understand this about myself.  It's almost like I feel guilty spending the free money on myself.  Sometimes I use them to buy gifts for others.  What is that? Not that I don't like buying gifts for others, I love it.  But when someone gives you a gift I believe that you should use it for yourself.  That's the point.  It's important to treat yourself sometimes.  That makes giving to others much more enjoyable.

I realize this post is bad but I am posting it anyway.  Hope for better tomorrow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Warm weather brings out the crazies

We've finally gotten a break from the dreary bleak cold that is Iowa winter.  And it's absolutely glorious!!!!! I think sometimes it gets nice just for a little bit so everyone forgets how absolutely terrible the winter can be, then it will get all cold again but we will all be a little happier.  Of course, as soon as it gets just a little warm, people get all crazy and go outside in shorts and tank tops and short sleeves.  It's quite funny, especially because there is still snow piles everywhere.  I even went outside in a t-shirt and it wasn't even cold.  I cannot wait until I no longer drag sand into my apartment every time I come in from outside.
Anyways, it was so warm that I even got to use these.
For the actual real reason I got them, for running!!  They got really wet because puddles were littering the sidewalk.  I also sprayed the back of my legs with mud.  Even so, it was so wonderful to get back out on the pavement again, after about a forever 2 month hiatus.  The elliptical has really not been cutting it.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to cut it, but I still made it 6 miles.  We ended up walking a little bit, but ran a lot of it.  My crazing running partner was wearing a tank top.  Ridiculous.  It felt great but I am a little sore already, my hips and my knees ache, but it was totally worth it.  I can't wait till I can do this all the time.  I am looking for another triathlon to do this summer so I have something to train for again.
It is supposed to stay warm the rest of this week so all the snow will melt away!
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