Monday, February 14, 2011

Warm weather brings out the crazies

We've finally gotten a break from the dreary bleak cold that is Iowa winter.  And it's absolutely glorious!!!!! I think sometimes it gets nice just for a little bit so everyone forgets how absolutely terrible the winter can be, then it will get all cold again but we will all be a little happier.  Of course, as soon as it gets just a little warm, people get all crazy and go outside in shorts and tank tops and short sleeves.  It's quite funny, especially because there is still snow piles everywhere.  I even went outside in a t-shirt and it wasn't even cold.  I cannot wait until I no longer drag sand into my apartment every time I come in from outside.
Anyways, it was so warm that I even got to use these.
For the actual real reason I got them, for running!!  They got really wet because puddles were littering the sidewalk.  I also sprayed the back of my legs with mud.  Even so, it was so wonderful to get back out on the pavement again, after about a forever 2 month hiatus.  The elliptical has really not been cutting it.  I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to cut it, but I still made it 6 miles.  We ended up walking a little bit, but ran a lot of it.  My crazing running partner was wearing a tank top.  Ridiculous.  It felt great but I am a little sore already, my hips and my knees ache, but it was totally worth it.  I can't wait till I can do this all the time.  I am looking for another triathlon to do this summer so I have something to train for again.
It is supposed to stay warm the rest of this week so all the snow will melt away!
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