Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maybe no one noticed...and maybe not

I have another funny story for you today bloggy friends.
This morning on the way to work my low fuel light beeped on at me. When that happens I still have at least 20 miles driving so I wasn't really worried so I figured I would just get it after work, no prob.  Then the thought crossed my mind that last night I put my wallet in my gym bag.  A quick check of my purse confirmed that I was right.  Thank goodness I had my checkbook with an emergency cash fund so I could get gas.
After work I went to get gas.  And I pulled in with the driver side to the gas pump, completing forgetting that my gas tank is on the OTHER SIDE of the car.  I am so used to it being on that side but ever since my mom decided that I was buying their car and they were taking back my prized '96 Monte Carlo, I have been very confused.  To go on a bit of a tangent, my car hasn't had any real major problems in the last 3 and a half or so years I've been driving it, except for that one small problem with the back brake staying stuck on and the wheel not all.  Anyways, like I said, it was minor and now it's fixed.  But my mom didn't think my car was reliable enough to take to Chicago with me so instead they decided they would force me to buy their car and they would buy a new car.  Wow, what a great deal for me. NOT! It's not that I don't want a new car but I would have kept my old car for a while longer till I have some money saved up.  And I wouldn't buy that car because it doesn't have anti-lock brakes. You know, ABS, the thing the keeps you from crashing in the wintry weather.  I'm a little bitter.  But I do like the car.  And I am just praying I don't crash.  And it's going to be a cheap loan, I decided that.
So, where was I?
Oh yeah, I pulled up on the wrong side. Got out.  Crap.  Got back in and drove around to the other side.  I felt like a fool.  Then I had to laugh at myself.  I am sure the other people getting gas were like "What is that girl doing?!" I would have.
Then I had to pre-pay inside because I only had cash.  I've never experienced that before but it's kind of nice.  Mostly because I always like to end my gas on an round dollar amount and that way it did it for me.  But it didn't get all the way full so that's too bad.  I guess next time I won't forget my wallet.

As a side note tonight I made this for myself.
Fresh strawberries and whipped cream.
I had some left over heavy cream from a meal I made last week.  
And it needed to be used up.
So I whipped it.
I"m not supposed to be eating sweets/desserts because I gave them up for Lent.
I figured this wasn't really a sweet.  
Because it's fruit.
And homemade whipped cream.
So it doesn't really count.
And I hate throwing food out, it's too wasteful.
Yes, I feel the need to justify myself. 
Then my bowl looked like this. 


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