Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Belly!

This weekend while Matt was here he was admiring his figure examining his stomach silhouette in my bathroom.  Actually we both lovingly refer to our respective mid-sections as our spare tires.  So I joined in, in the belly viewing.
Really we were both standing sideways in front of the mirror, lovingly rubbing our bellies.
And for the first time since we've been dating I think my spare tire is actually smaller than Matt's!  Now to most of you this may not be impressive, after all, men usually weigh more than women, right? Yeah, not so much with Matt.  This is the boy that when we started dating was still participating in high school wrestling and was supposed to get down to like 125.  Yeah, I didn't weigh that little.  So he was skinny.  Actually quite sickly skinny.  Who am I kidding, it was gross.
Anyways, the years of college have apparently not been kind on us and we developed some flub around the middle.  Which is honestly the first place I gain wait and also the most unhealthy place to have extra weight.  It's called visceral fat and that is surrounding all your organs.  So, not good.
The freshman 15 is real people!
But that I am done with school, I have found that it's actually a lot easier to be healthy.  Not that I am dropping a ton of weight, nor do I really care to.  (No I don't think I am super skinny, but nor do I think I am unhealthily overweight, and quite honestly I enjoy sugar and ice cream and chocolate too much.) I think it is more important to feel healthy.  Without all the stress and business of college life, I am able to actually cook meals for myself with fresh vegetables and produce.  Instead of just eating quick, convenient food or eating out too often.  I also am able to get some good hours of shut-eye each night and then I have more energy to exercise after work, which I really enjoy now and don't feel like I have to squeeze it into my schedule like before.
It's important to take care of yourself, and that's what I am trying to encourage everyone to do! And if you are still in college (as an engineer), don't worry, life does get easier and you won't always spend every night at school .
This was a weird post.
I mostly just wanted to point out how weird Matt is...and well, me too.
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