Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buns in the Oven

My buns were baking in the oven.  No, really, I made some bread and baked it in the oven.  Quit thinking all metaphorically.  Those buns sure were delicious too.
My mom and I used to make this bread recipe together.  Sweet rolls right out of the Betty Crocker Cookbook (this was the closest recipe I could find on the website).  We've had a lot of flops.  Such as when the yeast is bad and the bread doesn't rise at all, or the liquid portion is too hot and kills the yeast.  Both these make for a very tough bun.  Not yummy.  
Bread takes time and energy to make that.  It's rewarding to me.  You have to mix all the ingredients and then  knead the dough and knead in more flour.  Then it becomes a waiting game, let the dough sit for a few hours till it doubles in size.  If it is in a warm place, the bread will only take about an hour to rise, but if just left at room temperature, it will need to sit longer.  My bread rose for about 6 hours.
The you remove it and shape it into rolls.  Personally, I find it always taste better when the rolls are shaped into cute shapes.  Such as, "a + m", pretzels, twists, breads, knots, and someone's (Matt's) inappropriate shapes.  

Then they bake in the oven and smell so yummy, delicious, scrumdiddlyumptious.  Nothing better than a warm, fluffy, bun right out of the oven.  Those babies just melt right in your mouth.

I just gobble them right up.
Matt enjoyed them too.  
Excuse me I must go and have a snack of more buns.

What's your favorite thing to make homemade?
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