Monday, April 18, 2011

Can't pass up these deals.

I had an extra special visitor this weekend.  
Matt wearing my dad's glasses

Matt came to see my apartment for the first time!
He drove 7 hours to visit me, so dedicated! 
I have not gone to Humboldt yet, nor do I ever want to drive that far.
I didn't have anything planned and it was kind of a cold and crappy weekend so we just stuck around near home.

We did some killer deal finding. 
 First we hit up Marshall's to get Matt a cheap duffel bag.
Then we swung buy Trader Joe's to get ingredients for our yummy lunch BLTs.
Of course, you can't just go there and buy what you planned.  
So I also bought some Sweet Potato Chips (so delicious, you must try!) and also some Quinoa. 
I've read a lot about this seed in Blogland so I am excited to try it out!
I'll make sure to report back for you.

After lunch (already around 4 pm, we eat on a funny schedule), we hit up Bed, Bath, & Beyond to find a new comforter bed set for Matt.
He recently purchased a new bed and didn't have any accessories. 
I, being the deal-finding, money-saving girlfriend that I am, found two coupons for him to use.
We got 20% off a $90 comforter set with a full set of sheets, shams, pillow cases, and two decorative pillows! 
With my $5 off a $20 purchase coupon, he bought two bath towels and a mattress pad. 
All that added up to only a little over $90!

Our wheeling and dealing wasn't over because we still had to hit up Goodwill. 
I've been looking for a muffin pan but didn't want to pay full price.
Now you can't really expect me to go into Goodwill and only buy one thing can you?
Of course not.
They were such good deals, we couldn't refuse.
We bought a pair of tongs, a flour container, a toaster over, laundry detergent, the clear glass container I baked my buns in yesterday, a toaster over, the desired 6-cup muffin pan. 
 a fluted pan to bake my grandma's tangy lemon cake 
Me love Kahlua. 
 coffee mugs to go with 
a new baby coffee maker.

Short side story, I picked out a different coffee maker first but as Matt was putting it in the cart, disaster struck.  
He dropped the coffee pot and broke it :( so we didn't get that one.
At least it wasn't "you break it you buy it".  
Because we didn't buy it.  Oops.

All of this stuff only totaled $29!  I saved even more because I signed up for the Club Goodwill card to save an additional 5%.
Sweet savings!

We had dinner at Yummy Gourmet, which has an all-you-can-eat sushi special.  
I love sushi, and although this wasn't super high quality sushi, it was still very good.  We were able to try some new rolls and sushi which was great.
I would recommend this place if you have interested in trying different sushi rolls and are really hungry!
It would be a great place to go for a group so you can all order and share your rolls!
It's always good to try something new.
We even tried a piece of sushi of red snapper.  
Sushi is really the raw fish, although when I say "sushi" I am mostly referring to maki rolls.

On Sunday, we rolled on down to the downtown of Arlington Heights.
I was expecting there to be lots of little shopping boutiques and stores, but it turns out it is mostly just restaurants.  
We skipped lunch and went straight for dessert.

Matt ordered the Brownie Sundae in honor of it being Sunday.
It came with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
It was mostly just a chocolately mess since he choose rocky road ice cream in addition to the brownie and hot fudge.
I chose the Mango Bubble Tea.
Have you ever tried Bubble Tea?
It's mostly just a smoothie but it has boba  or bubbles in it.
They are these small tapioca balls.
They are like a little surprise in your ice drink.
Can you see the boba?
And you also get a HUGE straw.  And that's the real excitement. 

Then Matt had to go home, and we were both sad.  I cried a little.
Sometimes the distance gets to me.
I'm looking forward to this weekend when we will both be home for Easter.
Sometimes though the weeks get long.
But we will keep chugging along, and hope for a time when we can be closer soon.
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