Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's official. I live in Illinois.

When I moved I don't think I fully realized all the new things I would have to find.  Sure I thought of things like grocery stores, gas stations, a fitness center, shopping malls, and favorite food places.  But there were many things I haven't thought of and now find myself looking for.  Things like a new bank, a new hair salon, and a new chiropractor that I find myself needing now.
It turns out Security State Bank doesn't have a branch near Arlington Heights, darn.  Actually I can't even find a Shazam ATM around this area.  In Iowa, that's what almost all the ATMs were.  I had to mail my first two paychecks home to be deposited.  It was a pain.  So now I am determined to find a new bank.  Tear.  Don't worry Security, I won't leave you.
I've never really been faithful to any hair salon.  I just went with whatever because I'm not very picky about my haircuts.  Sure, when I lived in Cascade I always went to the same place, mostly because it was nice to have someone you know to talk to, and she gave really great haircuts for a steal, which doesn't hurt.  But in Iowa City, I frequented LaJames because they had dirt cheap haircuts.  How can you go wrong with a $7 haircut? Well it turns out a lot of ways, but I knew the receptionist so she always got me really good stylists.  It pays to have connections.  I've been researching online for a new place to go in my area, but THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE! I like cheap things.  So on Monday, when I was absolutely desperate for a haircut because my hair had lost all shape and was driving me nuts, I just stopped at the Hair Cuttery.  It's one of those cheap chains.  Good enough.  My stylist was a sweetheart and talked quite a bit, which I always enjoy so we don't have to sit there in silence.
I don't have a before picture but just imaging non-cooperating hair all flipping out and fraying looking on one side.  It is still doing some flipping out but it's A LOT better.  I'm trying to grow it out long again, but every time it gets to this stage I get sick of it and cut it short again.  I'm trying to resist.  And I made it so far.  Just a little longer and it will be past this crappy hit-your-shoulders-and-curl-whichever-way-it-wants stage.
Don't you just love getting a haircut? Someone massaging my scalp for a shampoo and playing with my hair is sooo relaxing.  And the smell, oh the smell, it is so yummy.  I would get it cut all the time if I could.
New chiropractor.  I need one and quick.  My lower back has decided it is not happy with me and has gone all wacky.  I've pretty sure that huge knot/bound up nastiness I feel in my upper butt is not normal.  Oddly my back isn't sore, but it feels like I have done 1000 sit-ups every day for 4 days.  How odd, huh? My lower abdominals are incredibly sore.  Maybe, just maybe, if I get my back put back in place I will have a six-pack now?! Oh please, please, please.
A girl can dream.
I have another announcement.  I made the switch to an Illinoi-an. (what do you people call yourself?).  Why do I say that my bloggy friends? Because I traded in my Iowa Driver's License for an Illinois one.
The evidence.
Yeah sorry, you don't get to see all my personal info.
One of the best reasons to change my license: You can still smile in Illinois.  That's right, boo on Iowa which adopted the no smile, everyone looks bad policy.  
Don't worry bloggies, I will always be an Iowan.  
At heart and otherwise.  

Have you ever moved and what new things did you have to find?
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