Monday, April 4, 2011

You can call us Lewis and Clark.

March is over and April is here! Where did time go?
I've now been at my job for one complete calendar month, lived in "Chicago" for one month, had some delicious Chicago deep-dish pizza, rode the Metra, been to the city, rode more of the Metra, and lived here for the Cubs opening day! Not that I got to go to the game, but I promised myself that I would get to go to at least one game this summer!
A week ago my friend Laura drove up to visit me and to explore the city!  And I just thought I would throw in this picture just for her.
What you are looking at bloggy friends is the signs before the tollway tollbooths.  Now here is a lesson for you, if you see this you need to move over to the right lane and pay for the tollway.  Just because everyone else is zooming past in the left lanes doesn't mean you should.  Those people have I-passes.  If you don't pay for the tollway you will get a ticket.  If you do happen to miss the tollbooth (don't have cash, etc.), make sure to take note of what plaza you are going through (there will be a name and number) and the approximate time you went through so you can go online and pay said tolls.  Or stop and get an I-pass, really it is so much easier.
That's my public service announcement for the night.  
And if you were wondering, Laura missed the tolls. 
Back to the story.  Exploring.  We took the train in because I figured it would be a lot easier than driving and parking.  You can get a whole weekend pass for $7  and $1.50 for parking so that was $15.50 for our entire trip compared to probably at least $6 in gas plus on the upwards of $25 for parking.  What a deal! 
So we went down Ogilvie Station.  And now I should mention that I really had no idea what we were going to go when we got down there.  I didn't have enough time to research and we had to leave to catch the train as soon as Laura got to my apartment.  I figured we would just wing it.  What a genius idea! Well just go into Chicago with no idea where we are going.  But thankfully everything was just fine.  
We started with lunch at this little deli nearby the train station.  After a quick consult of a map, we moseyed on over to do more moseying on State Street and Michigan Avenue.  Now you may have actually heard of these places because of all the shopping! With all that gossip about how great the shopping is around that area, comes the expensive.  Needless to say, we didn't buy anything.  The weather wasn't super nice that day so we kept dipping into stores to warm up our toesies and fingies.  
After much browsing and no buying we eventually made it down to the lake front.  That's when we saw this.
  That's right a big, giant, mirrored bean. 
I've seen this interesting creation in many a Facebook photograph and never knew where it was or really, what is was.  Well one of those questions, still remains slightly unanswered.  I'll let you figure it out.

It does take some pretty neat pictures, I must admit.  Actually it's funny to think about.  Looking at my pictures, I see the person I see in the mirror, whereas in all my other pictures, it is just what others see.  Random.
Laura wanted to see Buckingham Fountain because she had gone there with her parents when she was younger.  It didn't cross our minds till we got to it, that it would be empty because, duh!, it is still winter. Winter, if you are reading this, you had a wonderful stay, but now you are an unwanted guest. Please go.
I really wanted to go see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry but as it turned out,  the not-so-trusty website lied to me and the night viewing didn't start till the next weekend.  So instead we turned to Plan B and came home and had Adam up for dinner.  Bruschetta and tortellini in meat sauce.  Yummmmm.   A bottle of wine, a six-pack of Kilt Lifter, and many laughs, stories, and discussions later, we called it a night.  It was great and we need to have a repeat sometime soon!  

Get out and explore!
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