Sunday, May 8, 2011

The much anticipated tour

Currently I am sitting in Panera, having myself a quick late dinner.  I am going to get kicked out in about 10 minutes so i need to gobble down my food and try to write a quick post while I am at it.
Well, scratch that, I am at home now.  The time it took my pictures to upload used up my remaining time at Panera.
My dinner was delicious though,  a turkey sienna sandwich and a Greek salad.  I really like the Greek salads there, mostly just the olives and feta.  And don't forget about the copious amounts of Diet Pepsi I consumed.  Oh how I love pop.  
Anyways, like I  promised on my last post, I present to you the much anticipated photo tour of my apartment home.  The above wall decoration was a gift from my Grandma Fischer.  It hangs near my door and welcomes all my millions of guests one guest.  It is cute though, even if no one sees it.  
On to the tour.  
Here is the view of my kitchen/dining room area from the door.  I liked this apartment a lot in the first place because of the vaulted ceilings and the very open floor plan.  It makes the entire place seems so much bigger when the kitchen is open to the rest of the space.
I tried to make my place more homey.  Instead of it just looking like I am passing through, I wanted to make it look like I actually lived there.  So I added plants and art work on the walls.  Here is my bamboo plant from IKEA.  
This is my living room.  Nothing really spectacular here.  Notice all my clothes hanging by the sliding door.  Since it was so nice today, I thought it would be a good idea to hang my clothes to dry instead of using the non-environmentally friendly dryer and save my dollar.  As much as it pains me to say this, I miss living at my parent's house where we always always hung our laundry outside.  There is something so refreshing about clothes hung outside to dry.  But when I was younger, I despised hanging out the clothes.  During the summer, my mom would often put a load of laundry in before she left for work in the morning and I was to hang it up when I woke up.  I even remember being too short to reach the line and having to turn over the clothes pin  bucket and stand on it to hang up the clothes.  Child labor, I tell ya.  And now I miss it.  How strange.
Notice my lovely, Go Hawks! decor in the above picture.  No Iowa fans home is complete without some memorabilia   
Next is my deck!  It's actually a good size.  I even keep my bike on it (even though I'm not supposed to, but I will just keep on hoping no one notices!).  I haven't spend a lot of time out here yet, but hopefully with the warmer weather I will be.
This is a better look at the kitchen and all the junk valued belongings I have in here.  The cabinets and counter tops may be a little outdated, but they aren't too bad.  After all, my last apartment had orange counter tops straight outta the 70s.  And best of all, I have a gas stove! This is my first gas stove and let me say it does not disappoint!  I don't think I can ever go back to an electric range, EVER! 
And now onto the bathroom.  Nothing special here.  See the shower curtain I stole borrowed from my mother.

Here's a look at the vanity.  I also have a nice little linen closet on the left.  And I couldn't forget Mr. Rubber Ducky.  An essential item in any bathroom.  Oh and that, reed diffuser because sometimes it needs a fresh scent. 
And last, but certainly not least, my beloved bedroom.  Where I spent the majority of time while I am at home, even if most of it is sleeping.

Yup that's my queen bed still outfitted with a twin-sized comforter. I love it so much that I don't want to part with it.  I am not ashamed to admit this.  
Here is a view of my large closets--a must-have for me and all my extra belongings.
This is what populates my night stand.  Pictures of my mom and I and Matt and I.  (I actually just updated the picture of Matt and I today! The old one was still from high school!)  

And now a quick view of the wall decorations in my room.  I apparently have a thing for black and white pictures of places.  The first one is a sketch of Rue Royal obtained on my visit to New Orleans.   And the second I bought at a small art sale on a corner.  

 This is my most recent addition to my collection.  The flatirons in Boulder, CO to remind me of my friend Danielle, who I so dearly wish I could see more often.
Well that was the tour.  
Come visit sometime and I will give you the real life tour.  It takes about 9.5 seconds.  

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