Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My computer has broken up with me.

It is with a sad heart that I tell you my computer has decided to kick the bucket.  That's right, it broke up with me.  After 5 (yes, 5!) faithful years, although that path has been littered with many random shutoffs and breakdowns in which I lost hours of hard work, it has decided that I have pushed it too far.  It no longer wants to meet my demands.  Which I must say have decreased significantly in the past half year.  I no longer expect it to stay up all night and write extremely long, detail-oriented reports and I rarely make it do any work after midnight.  I also don't have to run anymore ridiculous programs on it, which it always hated.
It's probably still upset about the time I left it practically freeze in my car during winter or when I accidentally dropped it (okay maybe these things happened more than once, but who's counting?).
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This is the third time in a year's time that it has stopped working.  The first two times it was mostly just extremely (and I mean extremely) slow.  But could be restored by just reinstalling Windows.  Currently, I can't even get Windows to boot.  I mentioned this at work and didn't get a very good response.  So I suppose this means I will be buying a new computer.
It's been real this past five years, but honestly my computer has gotten slower and slower.  And sometimes would randomly shut off without notice.  It also didn't have enough RAM to do hardly anything.  So maybe this break up will be good for me.  And a new computer will cost me a fraction (yes, fraction!) of what I paid for that old piece of junk brand new.  Because computers were expensive back in the stone age. Computers were a lot pricier 5 years ago.
What does this mean to you, you ask?
Well I may be absent from this blog for a little while.  I've had a lot of ideas lately, but it's hard to blog without my not-so-trusty computer.  (Currently I'm blogging from the "business center" at my apartment.)  But hopefully I will be back soon. With a new faster, better processing computer.
I'm glad this relationship is over computer.  I was the best you ever had.
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