Monday, May 23, 2011

Shave and a haircut. Two bits.

Well I'm back. Kinda sorta.

I'm borrowing my pop's computer for the week and most likely purchasing a new one this coming weekend. I'm hoping for a big Memorial Day weekend (now that's kind of an oxymoron isn't it?) sale.
So I am only back kinda sorta because I wanted to show you the pictures from my weekend but for some reason they won't upload. Possibly the computer.

Wait a sec.
Scratch that, I figured it out.

I was home for the weekend to see my family. Actually I lied, I went home because my brother was bringing his new girlfriend home. And well, I had to see it to believe it.
And really, before I didn't believe it. I needed proof.
Then, sadly I didn't get any pictures of her.
So sorry, but no proof for you. You will just have to take my word for it.

Did you know that in addition to my skills as an engineer I also cut hair? Betcha didn't. 
And I only charge a small fee of free.  Pretty cheap I'd say. 

My brother is quite hairy.  And by quite, I mean very, very, disgustingly hairy.  In fact in the winter, he sometimes grows a narf.  You know, where the beard grows all the way around the neck and creates a scarf.  It's gross. 
I am hairy as well, not nearly as hairy as Jared, but one time Matt did in fact, call me teen wolf due to my hairy neck. 
I cut hair.  But only with the buzzer.

That's right, I offer haircuts on a 5-gallon bucket. 
Slightly red neck, but hey, easy cleanup.

Looks much better, if I do say so myself.
Matt was the second haircut of the day. 
I wanted to capture a before picture of Matt's little curl in front.
This picture doesn't really do it justice.  It's cute.

This kid is a goon.
He won't take a normal picture.
After pictures.  I missed a few spots on the front and had to touch those up later. 
But overall, it was a good effort.
I think it looks good, and really isn't that all that matters.
Oh, it's not? Too bad.
We also played a game of croquet on Saturday. 
Everytime I play a new game with Matt he complains that I didn't tell him all the rules before we started and I just make them up. 
So now, I usually let someone else explain so he can't blame it on me.  Thankfully he knew some of the rules of croquet.  Don't worry, there were plenty of other opportunities for him to get upset with me.
My family is a little cut throat during games.  I personally just can't help it. 
We played three games.  I won the first.  My mom miraculously one the second after I was poison and took everyone out for her.  And my pops won the last game, again after I took almost everyone by being poison.  Of course I had to do all the leg work.
Obviously I am the croquet master.  duh. 
You may think I have a problem.  That's where we differ. 
I know I have a problem.  I just don't care to fix it. 
I want to win! All.the.time. 
So croquet was fun.  Because I won a game and if I hadn't I probably would have sulked.  Don't judge.

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