Monday, June 6, 2011

13.1 Chicago, Part One

So I did it! I ran and completed and survived my first half marathon!  It was actually quite an adventure.
On Friday night, the boy and I took the train into the city to pick up our race packets.  Of course I had looked up directions on how to get from the train stop to the store where our packets were, but I didn't have all the walking directions written down.  However, I did write down the directions for which bus to take and where to get off, but I didn't know the bus times because we ended up taking a later train than I thought.  The Garmin was supposed to be my lifesaver, but just as I turned it on, it turned off due to no battery charge.  Second backup plan was to use the boy's Blackberry to Google directions.  In a wicked turn of events, that was also out of battery and back at my apartment.
Instead, we took a chance a relied on my innate sense of direction.  Thank goodness, we somehow managed to find our way.  Nothing short of miraculous. It ended up being about a two mile walk, at least and I was hungry, thirsty and irritable.  (Duh that's what happens when you don't feed me!)
Finally the packets were picked up and we were on our way back to the train.  Did I mention I was hungry?
With some time to spare before the train, we were finally able to stop and get some food and drink! Yay! Since we were running the next day, we decided to beef up on some carbs on Noodles & Co.  It was our first time there and we are happy to say it was delicious!  It reminded me a lot of Z'mariks for all you Iowa City-ers, ites? -ians?.  I had a small pasta bowl of a spicy peanut sauce pasta with chicken and a side of tomato basil soup.  The boy had a larger bowl of another Asian-inspired bowl with shrimp.  Since, pop can give runners side stitches we opted for some Powerade and Light Lemonade.
With our tummies all filled up, we boarded the train to go home.  It's about an hour ride, which leaves plenty of time for all sorts of spectacles.
 Would you like to guess who had the blue Powerade at dinner?
Once we arrived back in Arlington Heights, we made a quick stop at Target to get some new running gear for the race.  Since the weather was going to be so hot we wanted to make sure we had the proper attire.  I bought a new sleeveless running tank and the boy bought a tech t-shirt.  Running in style.
We were then headed home to go to bed since we had to get up bright and early for a 7 am race!
Part two of the race recap tomorrow!
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