Monday, June 13, 2011

Those would have been helpful

I had a wedding to attend this past weekend.  Congrats Erik and Becky!
It was all the way over in Forest City, Iowa.  In total that's about 6.5 hours away from where I live.  
Quite the drive.  Especially for me, by myself, especially when I am not all that fond of driving in the first place.  A drive that is much too long to do in one go.  
My plan was to drive to my parent's house on Friday evening and then make the second half of the trip on Saturday.  To make the trip easier, I usually just head out right from work on Friday afternoon.  It helps me avoid some of the traffic, which can be not very much fun.  That means packing up my stuff on Thursday night and getting it in the car on Friday morning before work.  Makes for some interesting mornings.  
Let's of hustle and bustle too early in the morning results in a slightly frazzled Alyssa.  

Unfortunately, because I am trying to pack up quickly, a few casualties sometimes occur.  Sometimes it's a toothbrush or a clean pair of underwear or some of my momma's dishes I was supposed to return.  
This time the things I left behind, were a little more necessary.  
I even hung them on my closet so I wouldn't forget.
This is where they were when I got home on Sunday night too.  

Yes, those were the dresses I was considering wearing to the wedding I was attending.
They didn't do me a whole lot of good when I was 6 hours away. 
I didn't even know which outfit I wanted to wear so I was taking a bunch.
My plan was to make my momma choose one, and then pick a different one.
She just hates when I do that. 
 Out of four choices, I think I could have chose one.
Look at the pretty blue flower.
After I took these pictures, I realize a lot of my dress outfits have similar themes.  
Brown and white with flowers or black bottom and a purple/pink top.  

Instead I had to scrap together clothes at my parent's house. 
I managed.  
You can see a little bit of the top portion of my outfit.  
That would be my momma's shirt and necklace.  Which I then paired with some white capris I purchased for my senior pictures in high school.  Yay for about 6 year old pants!
It made for some funny conversations.
I made do.
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