Monday, June 27, 2011

My first attempt at Tuna Steak

So there are a couple of foods that I have been wanting to try out at home after eating them in a restaurant.
One of those said foods is Ahi Tuna Steak.
I first tried this at a restaurant in New Orleans when I was there May 2010.  
It was absolutely amazing.
I want to go back to that city and stuff myself to the brim with fresh seafood and then top it off with beignets.  

Anyways, my grocery store had a sale on tuna steak so I bought two slabs.
Gather some ingredients.
 I gathered salt, paprika, and some cayenne pepper.
At this point I was also defrosting my tuna in the microwave since it was safely stored in my freezer for over a week.
 Mixed those together in a bowl.
And sprinkled it on both sides of the tuna.
And then I added the pepper.
Lots of pepper.  
And pressed it onto the surface of the partially defrosted and slightly cooked tuna.  Oops.
Then I cooked the steak in a oiled pan heated to medium high.
It cooks quickly.
Only two minutes per side so it is nice and pick in the middle. 
 I had to cook it a bit longer since it was still slightly frozen in the middle when it went in the pan.
Then I kind of overcooked it a little.  
It was still plenty pink in the middle though.
 And it was so delicious!
I will definitely be making ahi tuna steak again.
And I saved some for my lunch the next day!
It was delicious even then.

I adapted my recipe from this Seared Black Pepper-Crusted Ahi Tuna Steaks.
Try it out!
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