Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Striped Zebra Cake

I'm sad to report that I've been feeling a little under the weather this week.  I planned to blog last night but ended up taking a "nap" after getting home from 7:30 to about 10 and then going back to bed at about 11 pm.  It was a pretty worthless night.  I had to force myself to eat something for dinner when I was awake.  And that basically just consisted of a Clif Bar because I was too lazy to fix myself anything else and knew it would be easy on my tummy.  I think it is just a bad cold/virus but I have been terribly congested and headachy and achy and very tired.  So that long nap was a very much needed one.
This past weekend I had a graduation party to attend.  The graduation of my boyfriend's younger sister.  When Matt and I started dating she was still a little girl, I swear.  They grow up so fast!
Remember when I mentioned I have a variety of other skills to fall back on in case engineering doesn't work out?
Well we can add another one to that list.  Cake Decorator.
That's right, I decorate and make cakes.  I really enjoy it too.  Maybe someday I will retire from engineering and open up a cake shoppe.
Here's the cake I made.
Please ignore scary looking brother in background.

And here's a step-by-step so you can repeat!

First layer.
 9 inch round Rainbow Party Chip cake.
 Add some homemade butter cream frosting.
 Toss on another 9 inch round cake on top.
 Double decker.
Put on a crumb coat to lock in all those pesky crumbs.  And freeze it.
Yup put it in the freezer and wait a while.  Make sure you do the same with your top small cake too.
 Put on a nice thick layer of pink frosting on your top cake and a nice thick layer of white on your bottom cake.
 Smooth those babies out as smooth as possible with your metal spatula.  And then to smooth it out even further by dipping your spatula in a glass of hot water and then smoothing.  Have some patience this takes time.

Add some pretty pink zebra stripes!  Draw them on with a piping bag and round tip.  Don't go for perfectly shaped stripes, just go with it.
Go with the flow baby.
Uh, then smooth those babies out too.
Plop your top cake onto your bottom cake.
Finishing touches.  Shell or star around the bottom and on top of the little cake.
Write "Happy Birthday" or any other phrase you can think of.  Write the birthday girl's name on top.
Don't misspell it.  Or write something like Happy Bathday because you weren't paying attention.  That only happened once and I was probably 12.  But if you do happen to make a mistake pull the frosting off with a toothpick.
Finally, stand back and admire your cake.  Smile to yourself for doing such a good job.
Have your momma take picture of you with your pride and joy.  Which your brother ruins for a second time.
I was surprised with how well it turned out and it tasted great too!  Because really, what's the point of having cake, if you can't eat it too ;)
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