Sunday, June 12, 2011

Post Race

Thought I would update you on how things are going since the race.  I honestly have kind of taken a break from the workout scene this week.  That's a little bit out of the ordinary for me since I usually work out a few times a week minimum.  Since I've been running and training so much, it was turning into more of a chore than a time I was enjoying myself.  I'm allowing myself to take a break, guilt-free.  I'll be getting back into the routine this week though because I am planning on competing in a triathlon before the end of summer.
A few other things have been happening post race as well.  I'm healing from my race wounds.  Although Body Glide did quite amazing things for me for the race, I missed a few spots and suffered some chaffing and loss of layers of skin. Usually this confined to my legs, you know where your thighs rub together, yeah right there. Unless you are one of those freaks who has space between your thighs.  Totally not me, I was graced with big legs.  Oh and sometimes I get some chaffing around my sports bra as well.
To avoid this chaffing on race day, I purchased the life-saving Body Glide.  Grease.  It really worked wonders.  Wonders, I tell ya.  

I missed a few places though.  There was  a spot on my legs that I missed.  And a line where my armband for my Zune was, on the under side of my arm near my armpit.  And two marks where the top of my sports bra was rubbing on my chest.  But the worse place was one I did not expect.  I bought that new green tank top you can see below for the race.
It turns out that it has a seam right in the center of the v-neck part.  
And that little piece of fabric wrecked some havoc. 
See that nice little mark in the middle of my chest.  
It actually is looking a lot better today.  
It's already been a week and a day though.
Before it was way way scabbed over in a dark nasty scab.  
Some of my coworkers didn't believe my story about the half marathon and instead decided I was overtaken by aliens.  
Likely story.
Last night, I was wearing a necklace to try and cover up the scar.
But someone caught a glimpse and asked me why I had stitches.
Hmm, it must look bad.
Then of course I had to explain it was from running.
And that I ran a half-marathon.
Then they really thought I was crazy.
Why would you run a half-marathon?

Sometimes I ask myself the same question.
I don't have an answer really.
I won't show you any more pictures.

I have some nastiness going on on my feet and toes.  It's gross and I definitely won't share.
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