Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Bike Ride

This weekend I enjoyed a long weekend a nice long bike ride by the river on Saturday afternoon.  
Some 30 miles of trails run along the curves of the Des Plaines River through Lake and Cook Counties.  
It was very scenic and nice to feel like I was out of the hustle and bustle of a city for a while.  Something I don't feel that I get enough since I have been living here.  
It was nice except for all the mosquitoes.  I wanted to take more pictures but it was way too buggy and if I stopped for more than about .2 seconds I was viciously attacked.  I have the nasty itchy bumps to prove it.  
I saw 8 deer and at least one buck.  I was surprised that he actually had a fairly good-size pair of antlers on him and they were still all velvety.  When I rode up to them they would just look up at me and stare.  Usually by the time I was able to get my camera out they would spook and take off.  
But I did manage to catch one of this gal from across the river.  She was just taking a little break. 
I ended up riding for about 21 miles which was kind of by accident.  I tried to take a different road back off the trail than the one I took to get on, but turns out there is no sidewalk or bike lane on that road.  I am certainly not riding with the cars because people here drive like maniacs.  So I turned my butt my bike back around and headed back up to the road I took in.  I was tired but it was a nice trip.
Except for the bug bites.  Which, by the way, I heard an interesting fact about the other day.  By the time you are an adult mosquito bites aren't as itchy as when you were young because your body builds up a sort of resistance to them after you have been stung so many times.  So when you're younger they really are itchier.  And probably why when I was a child I was more prone to scratching them till they bleed.  I knew there was something to it when I told my momma they itched so bad and I needed to scratch!

Now I need to get back to watching Bones on Netflix.  I'm obsessed.
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