Sunday, June 19, 2011

To my pops

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!
I was unable to spend the day with my dad but I know he was busy golfing anyways.

My dad is pretty awesome.  He's put up with me now for 23 years, which in itself is pretty impressive.
Some of my favorite memories of my dad are from golfing.  He taught me how to golf when I was just a wee little girl.  My brother and I had these little plastic clubs (they were right-handed even though my brother golfs left-handed) and these little wiffle golf balls.  The rule was as long as we could stay in front of dad, we could keep hitting the ball.  So we would hit the ball and then run to the next spot and hit it again.  It was a great time.
Over the years, we've spent a lot of time together playing golf and other sports.  He taught me how to play and gave me pointers, even when I was reluctant to listen.  He was always so dedicated in coming to watch me play when I was in high school too.  Nowadays, it is a lot of fun to go out and shoot a round with him, without the pressure.  I'm still working on beating him.  
He's always been my number one fan.  
During my high school basketball games, I always could tune out the crowd but my dad's voice.  He knew when I wasn't putting in 100% and pushed me to give it my all, stood up for me, and cheered for me.  

My dad has many quirks.  Such as yelling at the TV during football games almost as if the players and coaches can hear him.
I am blessed to have my dad.

Happy Father's Day.
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