Wednesday, June 22, 2011

With a side of crunchy and burnt

Tonight I made myself some stir-fry (stirfry, stir fry? what's correct?) for dinner. 
Stir fry is a common staple in my diet.  
I can just throw in whatever vegetables are in the fridge and go with it.
In the mix tonight was chicken, peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms 
along with stir fry necessities garlic and ginger.   
Usually stir-fry is so easy....
 But apparently it wasn't so easy tonight.  
That is (supposed to be) my rice. 
You know, nice fluffy soft brown rice.
Instead I ended up with this burnt, crunchy, not so tasty rice.
I don't even know what happened.
Usually I just boil it and let it simmer but tonight something went terribly wrong.  
Um, major fail.

But I still ate it anyways.  
I was too lazy to make a new pot.
Considering it takes 45 minutes to cook and I was hungry!
I will be making a new batch to go with the left overs.
And I will be more careful this time, I promise.  

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