Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Garden

One of the things I miss about living with my parents is all the fresh veggies during the summer.
My mom has a huge garden in the backyard.
Barbie, Barbie quite a smarty, what does your garden grow?
Potatoes, tomatoes, and tasty green beans.  Cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli galore.  Kohlrabi, carrots, and green onions to munch on.  Radishes, bell peppers, jalapenos, my momma's beets which I don't eat.

Last year I had the wonderful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which delivered a fresh box of vegetables and other grown things.  I miss it.
This year, since I can't have that and farmer's markets around here aren't very good and cheap, I'm growing my own stuff.  I tried this last year too, but the tomato plant just didn't pan out.  I think because I didn't water it enough.  Oops.  It got all leafy and green but only sprouted about 2 tomatoes.  Sad. :(

Bloggies meet my garden.
Garden meet the bloggy world.
My tomato plant and my herbs.  The tomato planter also housed some green onions and radishes.  The radishes didn't turn out that great as they were a little crowded.  The onions I ate and enjoyed.

I may have forgotten to water these babies one weekend.  And that resulted in some dead looking herbs.
Thankfully the basil popped right back with some watering.
Just look at those luscious leaves.
I'm making some pesto soon.

Can you guess how many tomatoes I have growing?

One here.
 Four here. (With an odd shaped one on the left end.)
 One here.
 And a brand new little one sprouting here.
That makes 7 total.
Now all I have to do is keep 'em alive for a few more weeks.
And then eat them with a passion.
I sure do love me some tomatoes.
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