Saturday, July 16, 2011

A new beloved friend

Meet my new little friend.
 A Cuisinart 600 watt blender.
I bought this baby off Craigslist.  
Along with many of my other prized kitchen possessions it's previously loved.
But I always love my appliances more, as long as they stay faithful.  
Read: I like them unless they break.

I bought this on Tuesday, and since then I think I've made a smoothie everyday.
I've gotten my inspiration from IGE and The Fitnessista.
 (If you like food and fitness and you aren't reading their blogs, you should.)
Meet my method for making a Green Monster.

Throw some ice in your blender.

 Throw a handful or two of spinach in the blender.

 You can throw in a scoop of protein powder if you would like as well.
This helps my smoothie fill me up for longer.
 I'm admiring my nail in the above photo.  It makes it look kinda nice.  
They really don't look that good in real life.

Dump it in.

I usually mix this part up first because I really don't want any spinach or ice chunks.
Pour some milk into the blender.  
Maybe a 1/4 cup or so.  
I don't like to measure.
It just makes more dishes and let's be honest, I hate dishes.
 It's all pretty green now.
Sometimes I throw a little almond butter in here at this point.  
And sometimes I skip it, like this time.
(Why does Blogger turn my pictures?)

Throw some other fruits in of whatever you fancy.
I've used pineapple, bananas, and raspberries so far.
I also want to use some mango.

Tonight I threw in some frozen raspberries.

Peel a frozen half banana.
It makes for a nice creamy texture.

Slice her up and throw her in.

 Then add my favorite.
Honey bear.
I bet honey doesn't taste as good if it doesn't come in a bear bottle.

 Blend her all up.

 Dump it into a nice glass.
 Like this beer glass.
Reminisce about when you actually drank a beer out of this glass.

 Don't forget your big pink straw.
 The color of this one comes out a little gross.
Next step is to sit and sip. 
Or slurp.
Just drink it fast because it's so awesome.

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