Thursday, July 7, 2011

New nails

Dear Female Readers of my blog,
(which is most of you anyways I think)

I must tell you about this new thing I've found. 

Sally Hansen Nail Effects.
Pretty much awesome. 

They are just these little stickers that you peel off and put onto your nail.  
Pretty easy to put on yourself too.  
And look at the sweet pattern.

This one is called Lace I believe. 
It actually hides chips pretty well too.

I've had mine on since Sunday and today is Thursday and I think they still look pretty good.
A little bit of chipping but not bad.  Probably a comparable amount to when I paint my nails.

You should check these babies out!  
I bought mine at Target but I believe they have them other places as well.
I have a feeling I will be buying these again!
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