Monday, July 4, 2011

Taste of Chicago

Happy Independence Day!
Hope you all enjoyed the weather and a nice day off!
I enjoyed the visit of my lovely friend Laura this weekend.  She arrived on Saturday and right away I whisked her off to the train station.  An hour on the train and a short walk later we arrived at our destination.
I had heard mixed reviews of Taste.  Some people said it was dirty and expensive.  Others said it was fun but crowded.  I decided it was something I at least had to do once to call myself a real Chicago(surburb)ian. 
Turns out it was pretty much all those things plus super duper hot.
 We started off with 24 tickets.  That really didn't last us very long.
Two cheesy garlic bread toasts to split.
One Chicago dog for me.
Four toasted ravioli for Laura.
Then we cooled ourselves under a misty spray thing and rested on at park bench.  
Sweat and sweat and more sweat were seriously pouring out of our bodies.  It was disgusting.
In order to cool ourselves down we bought more tickets so we could get a little of this.
Frozen yogurt.  It was worth every penny.  
So cold and yummy.
The blueberries and granola paired so nicely with the mango kefir.
We saw some other interesting things.
A large vat of cranberries.
That people could walk in.
 We tried the new Ocean Spray sparkling cranberry juice.
 It was good but a little flat.
We also had samples of Pepsi Max and Sierra Mist.  Okay maybe we had 3 samples of Pepsi Max.  Hey it was hot.  And the pop was so cold.
We happened to have a few left over tickets.  The only thing we could find was more ice cream.
So we bought it.  And it was so awesome.  It came with fresh strawberries and about 2 tablespoons of ice cream.  
Then we walked back to the train.  Except we got a little lost.  We had a little dispute over which way the river was.  Except we were both right because the river curves.  
Don't worry we found the train in time.
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