Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just [Tri] a bit

When this post goes live I will be jumping into Lake Michigan to start off the Chicago Triathlon.
My friend Laura showed up on Friday night and we had a nice carb-loading dinner with our friends (the newlyweds) Adam and Sam.  Yesterday was spent heading into the city to pick up our race packets, getting body-marked, listening to a course talk, and picking up free goodies from race sponsors.  I even bought a new TYR swimsuit for $30!  That's a pretty stinkin' good deal.  Laura mostly just came home with 12 mini Larabars.  I'm super jealous because I love those babies.  I'm planning on stealing a few when she's not looking.
So, like I said, at 8:26 am I will start my first actual Olympic triathlon.  If you're interested you can check up on me here.  Just type in Neiers in the last name box.  It's an early wake up call at 4 am so the bikes and gear can be locked away in the transition area by 5:45 am.  Hopefully between then and about 8 am, we will be sneaking off to grab some coffee and a bit of breakfast.  And, who knows, maybe a nap.  Although a nap before 8 am just doesn't really make sense.

My goal is to beat the average finishing time for last year of 3 hours 17 minutes.  It would be super, duper, fantastic if I could finish in less than 3 hours.  But I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm nervous, but it's a good nervous.  I hope my new bike holds up for the race.  It's supposed to be all fixed up after it's little accident, but on my short ride on Saturday I noticed that the front derailleur wasn't shifting right.  I'll just cross my fingers and say a little prayer.

I'll be back with my race recap soon!
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