Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mom's Best Tater Salad

Last Friday we had a cookout at work.
It's a pretty awesome that we have these things.
They usually include a little bit of beer or margaritas.  
Like I said, AWESOME!

Last time, one of the guys signed up to bring potato salad.
But it was the store bought kind.  
I was very disappointed.

Then last weekend, a friend's mom made some potato salad.
And it was delicious.
So this time for the cookout, I wanted to make potato salad.

Of course I had to make my momma's tater salad.
My momma has some absolutely delicious potato salad.
Make some for yourself or take it to a party!

Boil about 10 medium potatoes for approximately 40 minutes.
Until they are cooked.
While you are doing this, boil up 4 eggs.

I used Russet potatoes but Yukon gold are delicious.
Red potatoes aren't ideal because they get all crumbly in potato salad.

Either run your potatoes under cool water or put in the fridge to cool.

Remove those peels.  
The last time I made potato salad it was with my momma's garden potatoes.  
The consistency of the peel is so much different in store bought potatoes.
Homegrown potatoes tend to have a lot thinner almost more transparent skin.
These babies had really thick, brown skin.
It just makes me love homegrown stuff so much more.

Cube those babies up by cutting them in three directions.
Peel your hard boiled eggs and cubed those up as well.

Then I did something my momma would never do.
I decided I was going to add celery.
This was a big step in the potato salad world.
But I really wanted to add some crunch this time.  
And I kind of like celery.

Chop those 3 stalks up into manageable chunks.

Add all the potatoes, eggs, and celery to a big bowl.

Now it's time for the dressing.
First you are going to need some mustard.
One tablespoon to be exact.
I hate mustard. Ewww.
This is the only thing I will eat mustard in.  In here, it's a must.
I had to buy this especially for the potato salad and it will probably go bad before I use it all.

Two more eggs.

One cuppa suga.
Which used approximately the rest of my sugar.

Put those ingredients in a saucepan and mix well.
The color is quite disgusting.

 Then get out your newly purchased bottle of white vinegar.
Your old bottle will work as well, I guess.

Add 5 tablespoons to your disgusting yellow mixture.

Hmm, yummy vinegar.
Oh wait, that didn't make sense.
All these quite disgusting ingredients mix together to make up something wonderful.

Cook over medium-high heat making sure to stir.
Bring to a boil and boil for 2 minutes.
Once it cools, add 2 cups of Miracle Whip.

 Stir up nice and good.
Pour over your potato mixture.

And stir up nice and good.

Put it in a new bowl so it looks nice and presentable.
Sprinkle the top with paprika so it looks nice and pretty.
Cool completely.

Then enjoy the wonderfulness that is my momma's tater salad.

I kinda enjoyed the celery.
It give the dish a nice crunch.
And the flavor isn't bad.

My coworkers enjoyed this, but I caught a lot of slack.
Because last time I took my momma's strawberry cake (see a pattern here?).
And everybody absolutely was infatuated with it.
Then they were mad when I didn't bring it again.
Too bad for them.
I was too distracted by eating my potato salad to notice.

Here's the recipe.
Barb's Potato Salad
10 med. potatoes
1 C. sugar
1 T. mustard
2 eggs
5 T. vinegar
2 C. miracle whip
4 hard-boiled eggs
Boil unpeeled potatoes in covered pan about 30 minutes, until tender.  Drain well.  After they have cooled slightly, peel and cube.  While potatoes are cooking, combine sugar, mustard and eggs in saucepan.  Mix well and add vinegar.  Cook over medium-high heat, stirring constantly, until a good boil.  Boil 2 minutes.  Cool completely and add Miracle Whip.  Put cooled cubed potatoes and hard-boiled eggs in large bowl.  Pour dressing mixture over top and stir in. 
May stir in more Miracle Whip if potatoes are not coated.  Cover and chill thoroughly.
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