Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Almost Puppy and His Haircut

I used to always ask my parents for a pet when I was little and um, even when I was in high school.  I wanted a dog.  But my dad always said no.  I guess I should have learned better, if you want a dog you should ask for a pony first.  Duh.  What was was 17 7 year old self thinking? 

When I started dating Matt, he had two dogs.  Casey and Chief.  Casey was about 13 years old and usually would just lay around all day.   But he was a big fluffy fur ball.  Unfortunately life on the farm was hard for both of those dogs and they didn't make it to our high school graduation. :(  

I even went as far as to ask Matt to get me a puppy to keep at his house.  That didn't really work out either.  

Then Matt's family got a dog.  Rudy.  At first Rudy had a kennel and then an electric fence to keep him in the yard and off the highway.  Then like magic, Rudy's electric fence collar disappeared.  Not to be found anywhere.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he somehow pulled it off and then buried it.  He's a smart dog like that.  Now Rudy is a farm dog.  He helps Matt's dad with chores and chases Zach (Matt's little brother) around when he is riding 4-wheelers or the like.  But I think Rudy's favorite past time is to chase cars and then roll around in some mud.  You see, Rudy is a Border Collie and something other mix.  *I am not a dog expert at all.*  Maybe black lab?  Matt maybe you should correct me. And maybe some other dog stuff mixed in too.

Rudy and I are buds and I always make sure to pet him every time I visit.  He doesn't care much about me and is more intent to sniff my car but hey, beggars can't be choosers.  Sometimes I try to play fetch with him as well.  Mostly it's short-lived as once I throw it once, I might as well kiss that ball goodbye because he ain't even giving it back.

Rudy has a thick fur that usually covered in dried mud and other crap.  And the fur behind his ears gets all bound up with gunk.  He doesn't mind at all and probably would rather his manginess stick around.  Normally he looks about like this.

That's him there right in front.  Don't get him confused with the kid with the weird look on his face on the right.  

Earlier this summer, it was decided that Rudy needed a haircut.  He was getting outta-control dirty and had a few too many ticks.  Off to the doggy barber he went. 

When he returned the results were quite astonishing.

 Look Ma! No hair!

He looks sorta doggy-naked.  But he's still such a cutie-patootie!

Someday I will have a dog of my own, but somehow keeping it inside my tiny little apartment for 12 hours a day just seems way too mean.  I want a big open yard for him to hang out in.  

Did you have any pets growing up?

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