Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I miss about college

In honor of the start of fall classes at the University of Iowa, I thought I would share a list with you about the things I miss most about college.  Not to say that I don't like having a job but I loved college.  And working is just different.

Here you go, my top 10 reasons I miss college.
In no particular order except the order I thought of them in.

  1. The-lots-of-break schedule.  Overall, the number of hours I had to spend "working" at school probably squash the number of hours I work now: 12+ hour days compared to 8 hours. Pffffff.  But the days at school involved a lot of breaks.  Class for an hour, an hour break, two more classes, 4 hours at work, time for the gym, and then homework time.  Well homework time included many many breaks including dinner, talking on the phone, talking to whoever I was studying with, walking around the engineering building.  I liked that schedule because it was flexible and it's hard for me to stay on task for any extended period of time.
  2. Plethora of friends.  When I took a job in the Chicago suburbs I realized that I didn't know anyone there. Well that turned out to not be entirely true, I have a friend who lives 15 minutes from me and another that lives 45+ minutes away.  With work schedules are other commitments though, it's hard to find time to spend together.  But in Iowa City, someone was always around to chat, take a walk, go get a soda, workout, or anything else.                                                                          
  3. Less accountability.  Seriously sometimes I would wake up in the morning after many many late nights and realize what I needed was just to sleep in and skip class.  Now don't go thinking I was some lazy student, it was quite a rare occurrence.  But if it was a large lecture class and I didn't really know that professor, I'm fairly certain they didn't notice I was missing.  I tried to always go to my smaller engineering classes because I feel that good attendance correlates to better grades.  At work though, I can't  just hit my alarm and come in 2 hours late.  Sure I have a flexible schedule and no one really notices if I show up 30 minutes "late", but I think showing up at 10 would be frowned upon. 
  4. Bars.  Reminder: I was an engineering student and I was busy, so it ain't like this happened a lot.  But it was nice to go out for a few cold ones with friends and then walk home.  Here way too much planning has to go into this event.  I especially miss dancing at the Fieldhouse, it was so disgusting yet I loved it so much.  Now dancing like that just seems wrong. Possibly because it is wrong.                                             
  5. Gym on campus.  And did I mention it was a totally awesome gym.  I could walk to the gym in less than 5 minutes, workout, shower, and walk back to school.  This totally beats driving to the gym after work.  
  6. Extracurriculars.  Volunteer opportunities, group get-togethers, and meetings were aplenty at Iowa.  Now all I do is work, church, and bingo.  Okay that's not it. I feel like all I do now is work, sleep, and train for triathlons.  Anybody with ideas on where I can volunteer my time?
  7. Built in vacations.  Thanksgiving break, spring break, winter break, heck here's 3 months off for summer.  Now if I want a day off I have to use up a precious vacation day.  I probably won't have a whole week off for 5 more years.  I should also mention somehow always having enough money to go on a trip during those breaks.  Not sure how that worked.
  8. Naps.  'Nough said.  Okay, I lied I do need to say something.  I took naps all the time in college and now after lunch I long for an afternoon power nap, but ain't never gonna happen. 
  9. Caffeine consumption.  Going to the Den or Kum'n'Go to get a 36 or 42 or 57 oz. fountain pop was completely justifiable at 9 am, 2:30 pm or 9 pm.  I have homework/meetings/projects/readings/class that I need to stay awake for.  Blah.  Now I can't even justify having pop at all.
  10. Last one, hmmm.  Duh! How could I forget the ever-loving football.  'Tis nothing better than a fall college football home game.  Nothing.  Glorious glorious tailgating and standing and cheering at those black jerseys.  Or, you know, the Burrito Lift. Which was my personal favorite.  

After writing this list, I decided that I need to do a follow-up post on things I miss about Iowa City.   Coming up soon.
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