Thursday, September 8, 2011

At least it stopped raining: Dells Mini Vacay

So I should have probably written about this 3 weeks ago when we took this trip but as I recall I really wasn't feeling the writing that week.  I still want to write about it so I'm going to.
Matt (note: I think he needs a nickname for the blog, but am conflicted on what to call him. Some of his previous nicknames seem a little inappropriate for this blog.)(I'm putting up a survey on the side bar, please vote!)(I'll stop with parentheses now.)
Where was I?
Ah yes, Matt and I have made a little tradition out of going to Wisconsin Dells for a mini summer vacay.  This year was no exception.  Actually I think we have gone to the Dells, every year since we've graduated from high school.  It's a tradition and I am determined not to break it.  Funny thing is, I think most of the people that go to Wisconsin Dells are families or groups of friends in their late teens and early 20's, and then there is Matt and me.  Two kids who refuse to grow up even though they now sport real jobs with real responsibilities.  Psssh.  I feel the need to act like a child and go on kiddie slides.
Our original plan was to hit up Noah's Ark on Saturday, but we awoke in our crappy ghetto hotel room that morning to the sound of pouring rain.  One sad attempt at a no-rain dance later, we decided to go with the back-up plan...which had yet to come into being.  We made it up as we went along.  After a trip to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and a trip to Carr Valley Cheese to pick up some specialty cheese which included an adventure of getting slightly lost, we found ourselves back at said ghetto hotel room.  A peak outside showed the rain was actually starting to clear up so we decided to salvage the day by kayaking at a nearby state park.
We took a short scenic drive to Mirror Lake State Park and rented two single kayaks.  I, possibly unwisely, made the decision to bring along my camera so I could share my experience with you, blog world.
Yes, your welcome.
First we went north back towards the Dells.

This is where we met the not-so-friendly-and-possibly-dead, humongous spider.

We saw a few others out enjoying the day and said hi.
And enjoyed the beautiful bluffs.


Pictures were taken at the turnaround point near the dam.

On the way back upstream, we took a moment to admire this architectural beauty. The bridge not Matt.

Next we went way upstream to the point where the Dell Creek pours into Mirror Lake.

It was peaceful and we saw only one other person.  A single kayaker trying to do some fishing, but not having any luck.

On our way back however, Matt said those dreadful words as we passed the lone kayaker, "At least the rain cleared up."  I immediately gasped because I knew he had just cursed our wonderful day.
And I kid you not, not even 5 minutes later, it started to rain and then pour.

Of course, Matt being the wonderful, kind gentleman that he is, paddled over to the bank and hopped out of his canoe and ran up the bank to take shelter under the rock outcroppings.  Leaving me and my camera to fend for ourselves.  I should have thrown his dry clothes into the water at this point.  Due to an underwater branch, I couldn't get my kayak close enough to the bank to hop out and I didn't want to step where the branch was for fear of cutting my foot (this has happened before and now I'm a little freaked out about it).  I was paddling back and forth to no avail for about 5 minutes before Matt asked if I needed help. Uh duh! Some boyfriend he is.  Of course he reluctantly came out from the shelter of the cliff to pull my kayak in.  I'm fairly certain the only reason he did this is because he was getting cold and wanted me to warm him up. How rude!  Soon I was up underneath the rocks no longer getting rained on.  The sudden onset rainstorm was soon over and we hopped back into our kayaks and were off again.

We went down the last short leg of the park and paddled past a small beach where kids were playing in the water.

It was so still and calm.

We ended up paddling for about 4 hours and I think we went over 6 miles!  Made for some pretty sore shoulders the next day.

What a blast though! It was my first kayaking experience and now I am begging for more.
The weekend was finished up by watching the Tommy Bartlett Air & Water Show, eating Perkins at 10:30 pm (him, not me), and enjoying more Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast Sunday.
And then, the most anticipated part of the weekend had finally arrived-Noah's Ark!  The day was spent going down all of my favorite slides.  If you haven't been to Noah's Ark recently you need to go and check out the Scorpion's Tail.  A tube slide where they drop you and take you around a 45 degree loop.  It is an absolutely amazing rush.
Although it was still chilly, it didn't put a damper on our fun.  A perfect summer mini-vacation.  Sure did make it hard to go back to work on Monday, but it was worth it.

Have you been on any vacations this summer?
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