Friday, September 30, 2011

He had it comin'

Happy Friday friends!  It was a long week here with lots of crappy rainy weather, but I see some sunshine today!
I'm headed home today after work for a wedding that's happening tomorrow.  And I thought I would reminisce about another wedding I went to this summer.  Guests had a chance to take pictures in the photo booth that was set up.  Props were available for pictures as well.  
Our little group decided to plan a little surprise for the Farmer.  First I should tell you the bride and groom chose cupcakes in favor of cake.  And these cupcakes were exquisite.  Vanilla. Chocolate with chocolate frosting.  Margarita. And Key Lime.  So so good.  
Before we met up at the photo booth, the girls swung by the cupcake table and picked up another cupcake. The photo booth took a series of cupcakes and for the first three we all posed nicely and smiled with out cupcakes.  For the last one however we stuffed (half) our cupcakes into and around the Farmer's mouth.  It took him totally by surprise and we all laughed hysterically.  
The picture turned out perfect.

The best part was the Farmer thought it was funny too.
Even though he had cake and frosting all over his face.
And a little on his pants.
He wasn't even mad.
I'm sure Adam and Sam will treasure their copy of this picture forever.  Your welcome.

We headed out to the dance floor for pants off, dance off (literally I wasn't wearing pants, but instead a dress).  Turns out the newlyweds had a video camera taping parts of the reception.  Um crap.  I've already tried to convince them to just toss that of the video out so they aren't horrified to see me tearing up the dance floor.  They weren't swayed.

I hope that tape can never be used as blackmail against me.

Or I will be in very big trouble.

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