Friday, September 30, 2011

How I got stranded in a shoe store

I feel like the title is from a bad dream I had when I was five in which my mom left me in a shoe store, but that is not what this story is about.

Today, because it's Thursday.

Because tomorrow is Friday.

And I'm tired this week from not being able to sleep Sunday night till 2 am.

I'm sharing this story with you.

The day started off by sleeping in a little later than I wanted.  The Farmer and his friend Smokes were slated to arrive late morning.  Weekend planes included taking the train into the city and trying to scalp tickets for the Cubs game.  Only a week away from the big Chicago Triathlon, I really needed to get in a workout before the boys arrived because I knew I certainly wouldn't get one in after they arrived.

So although the sky looked slightly overcast outside, I laced up my running shoes.  Opting for the 7 mile loop instead of running around the lake 3 times, meant running 3 miles straight east.  It was at that 3 mile mark that I first started noticing the rain.    It was just a light drizzle and the sun was still partly shining through so I pushed on.  What's the point of turning around now when I almost halfway done?

I turned north for a short leg--only about 3/4 mile.  The drizzle continued, but didn't worsen.

Another left turn.  This time back east towards my apartment.

That's when I noticed it.  The sky.  It was turning a funny color.  Since I had nowhere to go but home, I kept on trucking.  Except I tried to pick up the pace a bit.  That was a little difficult considering I was 4 miles into the run.

The rain picked up so I took a short pit stop at Walgreens.  But the rain let up again so I took off.  I was really trying to run faster.  But as I gained speed, the rain gained intensity.  The formidable wall cloud was rolling in right towards me and I couldn't run any faster.  And then the lightning started.  Yikes!

I strolled right into a shoe store.  Two of the employee were even hanging out outside checking out the storm rolling in.  They even invite my sweaty, skanky self into the store.  So I browsed around a while, but the rain was relentless.  The street was even starting to look more like a river.  I browsed and browsed.  I looked at running shoes and sandals and dress shoes and clothes....

The employees kept asking if I wanted to call someone or if I wanted a ride, but I kept putting it off.  Mostly since I felt bad taking a ride and I didn't have anyone to call.  But I finally decided I would call the Farmer because I thought he would be almost to my place.

I called and he didn't answer.   Then I was browsing some more and he called back and the employees had to call me over.  Turns out he was still almost an hour away.

So I finally gave in and took up the offer for a ride home.  And it was awesome to be home and get out of my sweaty, rain-soaked clothes.

Thanks to the employees at Rogan's Shoes for being so awesome! I will definitely be back to buy some shoes there.

I'm so glad that the people at the store were so kind to me.  They could have easily blown me off, but they were very courteous.  It makes me very happy to know that there are still very kind people in this world (and in this area because sometimes it seems like they are lacking around here).   
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