Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[a little] closer

Oh bloggities, I have some wonderful news to share.

The last 8 or so months have been a new, interesting challenge for my relationship with the Farmer.  The whole living 7 hours from each other has been tough.  Although we've been doing this whole long distance thang for over 4 years now, we've only been about 2.5 hours apart.  During those 4+ years we were also very busy with our school lives and hanging out with our respective friends.  But now with new jobs and not as many friends, we have a lot more time on our hands to be lonely.  We talk on the phone a few times a week and text each other most days, but sometimes that is just not enough.  To see each other, we both have to drive the 3.5 hours to Cascade.  And that doesn't happen all that often because I'm not a huge fan of long drives.  Sometimes we will see each other every other weekend and others we will go an entire month  without seeing each other.

The Farmer and I are both very independent and are not afraid to do things by ourselves.  This helped a lot during our college years.  Actually sometimes, our independence got in the way.  It's not that we didn't want to see each other, but we both enjoyed so many things about college that many times we didn't want to leave on the weekends to visit the other.  We had things going on people.  This was especially apparent our senior year (and a half) when we were both trying to soak up all the college times we could with our friends.  "Sorry I can't come that weekend, it's our Homecoming." "Oh that weekend, I'm busy hanging out with friends."  You get the gist.

As we've gotten older (okay some of us haven't really grown up), I think we've gotten more of the bug to live closer to each other.  And as luck would have it, the Farmer got a new job.  He'll be staying with the same company but moving to more of a research type position which is what he was more interested in.  His new job is in Arlington, Wisconsin.  It's near Madison, which I think is a really great town.  And since it is Wisconsin, we are both excited to enjoy great beer and cheese.

The best part is that it is only about 2.5 hours from where I live and only 2 from where I work.  I'm beyond excited for him to move.  There were times when I thought we'd never be able to live within 3 hours of each other.  I can't wait for him to move and all our new adventures to come!

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