Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a new little friend

On my deck I have a tomato plant, well it used to be alive with tomatoes on it, but then a freak rainstorm drowned it.  So now I have a dead tomato plant, but the tomatoes still continued to ripen.  I ate them and they were still delicious.  
The plant pot also doubles as my compost bin.  I put my veggies scraps and peels in the dirt and mix it around every once in a while.  It actually works impressively well.  
I like to help out the environment any way I can ;)

One day, this little guy decided to come hang out with my tomato plant.

I was minding my own business watching some TV when I happened to look out the window and see this guy. 
He was just having a snack out of the scraps.

He was such a cutie.
And he posed nice for his portrait. 

At one time, my grandparents had a squirrel that was almost a pet.
They would leave a treat out for it on their patio.
And they would move the treat closer and closer.  
Till eventually they were able to feed him out of their hand.
How cool is that?
Maybe one day I'll have a pet squirrel.
Hey a girl can dream, right?

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