Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Trendsetter] - move to Illinois

I like to joke that since I moved to Chicagoland, several of my other friends have decided to move here/to Illinois as well and they are all just being copy-cats.  In reality, I know they moved here on their own volition, but I like to kid.  I am, however, very happy to have old friends live close by.

My friend Laura recently moved to Lincoln Park to start her Masters program this fall at Northwestern.  I am very excited to have another friend near me.  Since she moved to town I decided to pay her a visit.  
We first met up at an Iowa bar called Four Shadows to watch the Iowa vs. Iowa State game on Saturday.  Unfortunately that didn't end so well for me and my fellow Iowa fans.  Ah, oh well, there is always next year.

After the game, we rested with our feet up at Laura's.  For dinner we headed down to Navy Pier so we could grab a bite and enjoy the fireworks over the water.  Dinner was pasta and pizza at Capi's.  Nothing spectacular but it was a fair price and the service wasn't bad.  Although I suffered a stomach ache after dinner from all the oil on my pasta.  Probably won't be eating there again.  We walked around the pier a bit and checked out the sites before grabbing a bench to sit and enjoy the fireworks.  
The fireworks started at 9 pm and were set off to a patriotic theme.  Unfortunately they lasted only about 5 minutes.  They were pretty, but I'm not sure they were worth the train ride and walk down to Navy Pier.

They even had my favorite fireworks, the weeping willows.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day.  Nice and warm and sunshiney but not too hot.  A trip to the zoo ensued.  Laura lives only a few blocks from the zoo so it was a perfect Sunday trip.  

I couldn't believe the amount of people running and walking through the park.  It makes me more jealous that I don't live downtown and can't run through all the pretty parks and along the shoreline.

We saw all sorts of animals.


and tigers,

and bears. 

Oh my.

We checked out the safari animals.

And the crazy and cute little monkeys.

And some very brightly colored birds.

We watched the sea lions, but didn't get to see any polar bears.

With plenty of other random animals observed in between.


And yes, that last picture on the right is a picture of a naked mole rat.  And of course we then had to sing the Kim Possible them song.  *Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. If you want to page me that's okay.*
That show kind of always annoyed me, but my brother watched it and he was a TV hog.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend and I can't wait to visit Laura again!

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