Thursday, October 6, 2011

I won! I won!

A while ago I entered SOYJOY's Something Borrowed Sweepstakes. 

The sweepstakes entry form was accessed via Facebook.

I put in some info and clicked submit.

Then I promptly forgot anything about it.

That is, until a few weeks ago when I got this email.

Thirty-five lucky winners were picked to receive the Something Borrowed DVD and a box of Pineapple SOYJOY.

And I was one of those lucky winners!

Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee dippee doo!

I love when I win things!

A few days later this arrived on my doorstep. 

Inside was the DVD and the box of SOYJOY.

Something Borrowed is a chick-flick about a single girl sleeping with her self-absorbed best friend's fiance.  
And seems to involve several love triangles.

I have yet to watch it, but it doesn't seem to be getting rave reviews.
Oh well, I'm sure it will be a nice Friday night movie.
Especially with some popcorn and m&m's.

I'm not sure if I have ever had a SOYJOY before this, but the box looked promising.
Seems like a great snack.

Not a lot of calories (140), wholesome ingredients (real fruit and soy), protein (4g) and some fiber (3g).

But the truth is, the pineapple SOYJOY leaves a little something to be desired in my book.

It just seems dry and not sweet enough.

I'd rather have a granola bar, a Larabar, or a piece of fruit and some nuts.

This just isn't doing it for me.

So before I continue to eat these bars that I don't very much enjoy, I'm offering some to you.

If you've never tried a SOYJOY before and would like to, I would be glad to enable you.

Or if you happen to love SOYJOY's and want some of these babies, I would be glad to give you one or some.

All you need to do is leave me a comment with your email or send me an email at alyssa(dot)neiers(at)gmail(dot)com.

This giveaway will be open until supplies run out and is based on my discretion.

I <3 free things.

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