Friday, October 7, 2011

It tastes better out of this glass

Sometimes I've been known to make impulse purchases.

Okay, okay, who am I kidding? I make impulse purchases all.the.time. 

That's why I try to stay away from shopping centers and department stores.

Because every time I go to Target, I buy more than I went in to buy.  I get sucked in by the nail polish, clothes, makeup, home goods, kitchen supplies, and even the popsicle molds.

It's also bad when I get coupons in the mail, such as from Kohl's or Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  30% off! How can I resist?  I should have never signed up for that Kohl's Charge Account.

It's even worse when it's spend $50 and get $10 for your next shopping trip.  Because, duh, I have to go back and spend that money.  But I never spend just $10.  It's all a scheme I tell ya.  And they are taking me for whatever I got.

That, in a nutshell, is why I try to avoid going to those places unless I really need something.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one with impulse buying habits.  The Farmer has a little impulsiveness himself.

We went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond the other weekend because I, of course, had a coupon that was soon to expire.  The Farmer exclaimed that he really wanted some beer glasses.  

Of course, I knew right where they were because I've looked at them a million times. (I've lusted for them for awhile.)

Since the Farmer decided he didn't really need all 4 glasses in the set.  We decided on a shared custody arrangement.  He gets two and I get two.   

Meet my two newest glasses.  Pilsner babies.  I'm adding to my collection of drinking glasses.  I now have mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses (red) and these.  (I still want some margarita glasses and martini glasses and a few different sets of beer glasses.  Did I mention I don't even have tumblers? Pathetic.)

Of course I had to break in the new glasses by having one of my favorite beers in them.  Love me some Fat Tire.  

Mmmm perfect for a summer night.

The beer tasted even better out of this special glass ;)

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