Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monthly Goals: September Recap

I know, I know.  It's already October 4th and I am just getting to the September goals recap.
Sorry to disappoint you.
My weekends back home are always very busy with very little down time to blog and then I am recovering from not enough sleep on Mondays.  And by recovering I mean that I veg out on the couch for a few hours.

So here's the recap.

Goal 1: Meatless Month

This was actually a lot of fun for me.  I tried out new recipes and new combinations of food.  I also paid more attention to the protein I was eating.  I made sure to include a source in every meal which is something I didn't do a great job of before.  I ended up eating more Greek yogurt and beans.  I still need to post a few of the things I made during the month.

I did however, have a few slip-ups on the whole meatless thing.  Once I completely forgot about the whole no-meat thang and ate some chorizo that a coworker brought in for breakfast.  Oops.  The other time we had a customer in for work and sandwiches were ordered in for us.  Since I didn't really tell anyone at work that I wasn't eating meat all the sandwiches were of the meat variety.  I didn't want to make a scene and not eat the sandwich or pull the meat off so I just ate it anyway.  It was only half a sandwich so it was only a few slices of turkey.  A few other times I *might* have accidentally eaten some meat.  I ate some loaded tater tots once and another time I had some loaded fries.  Both had bacon on them and I was trying to pick around the bacon but I cannot guarantee that I didn't eat any.

The most difficult part for me was what to do when I wasn't in charge of the meal plan or making the meal i.e. eating out, visiting a friend, eating at a potluck.  Most of the time, I was just able to tell the person I wasn't eating meat, but when I didn't it was a little awkward.  I dislike making an inconvenience for someone else (even though this probably wouldn't have been an inconvenience for anyone and I may have imagined that).

Although, I have since eaten meat (chicken and salmon), I didn't really miss it that much.  I will continue to consume less meat and work at more of a flexitarian lifestyle, but I will eat meat when that is what is served to me.  I didn't cook a lot of meat before September and I think that will continue.  I have set a goal not to buy any more meat (except fish) for the rest of the year and eat only what is stored in my freezer.

Goal 2: No more pop

I definitely found that the longer I had gone without drinking pop, the less craving I had for it.  I did make it a whole month without drinking any pop but I didn't make it all the way through September.  I had a whiskey and diet the last weekend in September while visiting Laura in Champaign.  And this past weekend I had a Diet Mountain Dew which I had been craving.

I do love pop and I definitely missed it, but I am going to continue to try to not drink it.  Maybe limited to once a week?  It is something I really enjoy but also that I know is not good for me.

Goal 3: Strength train 3x a week

Check! I got in 3 strength training workouts each week in September.  Some weeks I did have to do a leg workout one day and an arm workout the next to get three workouts in but I did it nonetheless.

I forgot how much I enjoy strength training and I hope to continue getting in sessions this month and beyond.  It makes me feel strong! :)

Goal 4: Read a book

Um, fail.  Unless reading blogs count? It doesn't? Darn.  I'm in the middle of several books: The Omnivores Dilemma, The Delivery Room, and The Great Gatsby (via the e-reader on my Zune and I'm reading it for the third time).  But I have failed in finishing any of them.  Reading is something I am trying to incorporate into my bedtime routine to help me unwind because watching TV is not helping me relax.

Goal 5: Volunteer

Again, big fail.  I looked for opportunities but nothing was really stood out to me.  I filled out an information sheet for volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters but they don't have any mentoring positions available at this time.  This goal is moving over to October.  And I will find something.

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