Friday, October 21, 2011

sweet deals

Sometimes I look in my closet and think "Ugh, I have nothing to wear"?  

Um, Earth to Alyssa, you have plenty of things to wear.  But I don't want to wear that or that.  Bleh. Wear it anyways. (Typical conversation with myself.)

I have a full closet, but recently have been struggling with buying work clothes and buying casual clothes.  The good news is my work is very casual and I generally wear jeans a few times a week to work.  But this casual atmosphere also makes it difficult to know what is work appropriate and what isn't.  For example, I've seen everything from dress pants and button up shirts to jeans and a technical t-shirt with tennis shoes.  Quite the variation.  I usually try to go middle of the road which means nice jeans or slacks with a dressy-ish shirt.  I highly doubt that I would ever get chastised for my outfit, but still I want to look somewhat professional.

So yes I have a lot of clothes, but not a lot of that are things I deem work appropriate.  So I've been trying to buy more things that fall both under work appropriate and casual enough that I could wear on the weekend. 

But I have a rule about buying clothes.  I only buy things that are on sale or on clearance.  Now most of you probably think that items available in clearance are picked over and the leftovers that no one wants, but I assure you this is not the case.  You just have to allow more time to look over and sort through the many items to find the diamond in the rough.  But good items are there.

Just check out these sweet deals I've scored.

All of these were on clearance.  And I had  30 percent discount if I used my Kohl's charge.

Check out this total.

I saved $123.80 and my total was only $12.25.

Pretty sweet deal, eh?

Since I've been buying new stuff, I should get rid of old clothes.

Actually just this week I went through my closet and decided to donate a few items of clothing that I haven't worn in a while.  Which is actually a very common practice for me every time I have to switch the clothing seasons (summer to winter or winter to summer) or move.  

In other news, I'm headed to Iowa City to celebrate Iowa's Homecoming! Yippee!  And a very happy birthday to my baby brother who turns 21 today (not that he reads this)! Don't get to out of control tonight!

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