Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Gear

Do you even get a gift card or win a gift card and forget all about it?  Sometimes I do.  I'll put them in my wallet, usually after Christmas when I'm all shopped out, then I will switch wallets for some reason or other and forget all about the gift cards.  Then I will find them a couple months later and it will be like Christmas all over again.

Well, it turns out this phenomenon isn't limited to Christmas gift cards, but any gift cards I receive.  Back when I did the Camp Courageous Triathlon in August, I was the lucky winner of a door prize for $15 at RoadID.  Pretty sweet huh?  I thought so too, but then I promptly forgot about it.

I didn't find it till I was cleaning off the humongous pile of papers that has somehow accumulated on my kitchen table.  It's painfully obvious that I never eat there because it's covered with random papers, mail, magazines, coupons and stuff from my purse.  When visitors are set to arrive at my apartment, a mad cleaning/organizing frenzy ensues.  Which mostly just entails making a pile out of all the papers and then transporting them to the desk in my bedroom.  So not a lot of cleaning but more "out of sight, out of mind" tactic.  Hey, at least the kitchen table looks a little cleaner.  During one of these inevitable "organizing" sessions I found my gift card.

I had recently read about Healthy Ashley's bike crash and I had a big reality check.  Accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  Thankfully, someone found her right away and was able to get her medical attention and she retained consciousness.  But what would happen if I got injured out on a ride or a run?  Ashley has a husband that may have been expecting her home.  For me, there is no one expecting me home.  In fact, no one would even bat an eye till I didn't show up for work.  And even then, it's debatable when someone would start to worry.  This is certainly one of those things that scared me when I moved in by myself.

That's why I thought it was such a good idea to get a RoadID.  I got the Wrist ID Sport.  It arrived the other day.

I realize it might not protect me from getting in an accident or hurt, but it will be very helpful to let my family know.  It can also be of much help if you have medical history--previous surgeries, high blood pressure, medication allergies, etc.  

I am committing to wearing my RoadID every time I go out for a ride or a run.  

What do you do to help protect yourself on a run?

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