Friday, November 4, 2011

November Goals

I'll admit, I am still a little sad October is over.  However, November is one of my favorite months because it contains my favorite holiday--Thanksgiving!

I can't wait to eat all the delicious food that Thanksgiving brings, spend time with my family, and play some card games with my family.

I totally sucked at completing my October goals so here's hoping November's go much better.

Goal 1: Run the Turkey Trot

Both my junior and senior years of high school I ran a 2.5 mile race on Thanksgiving morning in Dubuque, about 25 minutes from my hometown.  It was always a great way to start off the holiday even if the weather was crappy sometimes.  I've wanted to run it again for several years, but have this problem of being sick or not being able to get over the sickness. Pesky bronchitis always taking over my life for months.  So this year I want to run the 7 mile race.  It is a hilly course but I am hoping to survive!  I haven't run any road races since my half-marathon back in June!

Anybody want to join me?

p.s. If you win your age group you get a free turkey!

Goal 2: Visit the Farmer in his new state

The Farmer moved to the great state of Wisconsin over a month ago.  Okay that's not completely true, you see, he started his job over a month ago, but didn't move his things till about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  I have not be able to visit him at his new place of residence yet because he has been working approximately non-stop that entire time.  I've actually only seen him once since he's started this job when he came down to see me for a day.  Me thinks he should be done with harvest very, very soon so I hope we can be friends again.

I also want to visit so I can drink some New Glarus beer, specifically Fat Squirrel, because it's been awhile. And frankly, I love that beer, arguably more so than I love Wisconsin cheese.

Goal 3: Start the 100 push up challenge

one hundred push ups.  That's the challenge.  The website claims that if you follow the training program you will be able to do 100 consecutive push ups with only 3 days a week of push ups for approximately 6 weeks.  I'll give anything a try once so I am taking on this one.

Right now, 100 in a row sounds quite daunting, but hopefully by the end of November, 100 will at least look feasible!  Join me!

Goal 4:  Call friends

I confess, I am absolutely terrible about keeping in touch with my old friends.  Terrible, horrible, no good.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I already have to talk to my parents and the Farmer on the phone a couple times a week.  And I just don't want to spent my entire evening on the phone.

I am really bad at doing too many things while I am on the phone as well.  I try to wash dishes, cook, clean, watch TV, and read blogs (sometimes more than one of those things) while I am  talking.  I end up doing both things very poorly.  Often the person on the phone will be talking to me and I will zone out and when I start listening again I will have no idea what we are talking about.

This month I plan to call at least one friend a week to chat and catch up.  And while I am doing so I am going to focus on the conversation instead of trying to multitask.

Goal 5:  Get my own domain

When I first started my blog, it was totally on a whim one night.  I had no idea with things about buying my own domain or self-hosting or even that matching the title of my blog  to my website.  Hence the alyssajoheartstong and Don't Look Down.  They don't match.  Not even a little bit.  By the end of this month I am going to buy my own domain name.  Then you will be able to find my blog just by typing in some permutation of dont look down dot com into the address bar.

Here's to actually completing November goals!

What are your goals for the month?
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