Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Remember that one time when...{This van is going to Fazoli's}

It's Thursday, ahem Wednesday, which means it's time for the latest addition of Remember that one time when...  I'm back posting this so no one knows that it's actually a day late and a dollar short (except for the fact that I just told the whole interwebz my secret).

Life got in the way of posting last night and it looked like this: Leave work, workout, appointment, attempt to deposit checks in the ATM-fail, a purchase at Sally Beauty, home to heat up leftover pasta for dinner which I ate in front of the TV-fail, enjoy a glass of wine and beer bread-hmmm, a quick walk to the grocery store to pick up some staples and ingredients for chili,  an even quicker walk back home because it was freezing, cleaning, peeling, and chopping of veggies, batch of chili cooking in my crock-pot,  wash dishes, and finally rest for 0.2 seconds and fall asleep.

It was worth it though because my apartment this morning smelled like wonderful chili goodness. Swoon.  I might have to sample some tonight, although tomorrow at noon I will be gobbling down on this.

But, alas, this has relatively nothing to do with today's post.

Remember that one time when....the Wartburg softball team was on our spring break training trip in Florida.  After playing the last game of the night, the team shuffled out to left field for the post game chat.  Our coach (who shall remain nameless because let's just say we weren't really the best of friends) was about 30 seconds into her post game speech when the lights illuminating the field were shut off.  The moon was not shining very brightly that night so without the lights it was dark, really dark, pitch black.  Whoever shut the lights off in the first place quickly realized the mistake and flipped the switch back on.  But those large lights can take a while to get warmed up and shine brightly again so we were all still sitting mostly in the dark.  Of course, my coach could no longer read her handy-dandy page of notes so she couldn't continue with the post game speech.  Now, I think most people in this situation would have just winged it and done the review of the game without the notes.  After all, she wrote them so she had to remember at least some of what she wrote down.  But no, she stops her little speech to say that she can't go on and then states this little gem, "Well, I don't know much, but I do know one thing.  This van is going to Fazoli's."  I doubt her speech would have amounted to much since she was obviously distracted by her hunger.  Is that the only thing you could think of to say?

Needless to say her van went to Fazoli's, but my van skipped out and went somewhere else.  A place where we laughed hard about her statement.  I'm sure she enjoyed her fair share of their bread sticks.

To this day, my girlfriends and I will still text and call each other to say this phrase.  "This van is going to Fazoli's"

Excuse me I am going to go text that to my friends right now.
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