Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remember that one time...Prank

Look I'm actually continuing the feature I started last week.  I hope someone thinks these are funny.  ;)

Remember that one time when...when my friend Allie "borrowed" our high school librarian's media specialist's goose?  You see, there was this very nice goose statue just inside the door of our library.  Our media specialist lovingly cared for this goose and changed it's outfits for several seasons and occasions.  It was a very proper goose.  For some reason, my group of friends developed a fascination with stealing this goose.  Of course, we didn't want to keep it forever, we just wanted to take a few pictures with it.

One day, three of us happened to be at school late for some reason or another.  That's when Allie realized that the door to the library was still unlocked and unattended.  While our friend Justine and I served as lookouts, Allie sneakily grabbed the goose and ran out towards her car while shielding the goose with her coat.  Sneaky, sneaky.

And the goose was ours!

Initially, we called the goose Frank, but through a meeting of the minds, we determined Prank would be a better fit.  Prank the goose for our big high school prank.  How ingenious.  Since Prank had ran away from the library, we thought we would show him a good time.

Prank was finally allowed to chew gum.

Prank smoked it up and made friends with a gorilla.

Prank made some bad decisions.

Now if things didn't seem to be going downhill before, they certainly took a turn for the worse then.

Arrested.  Bad goose.

But apparently Prank got out of jail because he showed up to senior prom in a tux.

After which he was returned to his rightful owner.

Looking back, this was a quite a strange thing to do.  Stealing a goose?  Actually we could have gotten in trouble for this, but I'm glad we didn't.  Considering several of our classmates were probably partying instead of taking pictures with a duck.

And the media specialist definitely knew that we were the ones that had stolen the goose.  Can you tell I grew up in a small town and we had to make our own fun?
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