Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey for Running

I have a blog? 

Oh yeah, I do have a blog.ality time 

I may have forgotten all about you this long Thanksgiving weekend, but I'm back.

I was spending some much needed quality time with the fam bam and the Farmer.

And drinking some not-so-needed alcoholic beverage.

But hey the "class-reunion Wednesday before Thanksgiving" only happens once a year. 

(and it might occur again before Christmas).

I  was the responsible adult on said Wednesday evening and drove a three-sheets to the wind Farmer home.

Wait, scratch that, he refused to go home and instead went to his friend Dan's because he was going to continue to party.  Note to the Farmer: You aren't in college anymore.  And you certainly can't party like a college kid anymore.  Give it up.

It just so happens that I had a reason to stay the sober bird: a Turkey Trot bright and early Thanksgiving morning.  

Since we didn't pre-register, my mama and I figured we would just show up a bit early to sign-up.

No such luck.  Turns out due to the absolutely gorgeous weather, the Turkey Trot had a record turn-out.  They quickly ran out of numbers which meant no official time so my mama and I lived on the wild side and bandit-ed (new word?) the race.  

I chose the 7.5 mile while mama chose the more manageable 2.5 mile.  

It was a crowded start but the race spread out fairly quickly and the pack definitely dwindled off where the 7.5 mile split from the 2.5 mile.  While I was running it kind of felt like I was running all over the town of Dubuque. 

 And ohmygosh the hills sucked.   It really felt like I was running out or down a hill the entire race and no flat parts.

Here's the Google map of the race.

180 ft gain.  Pretty hilly for me.  I'm not used to running any hills because Chicago is flat.  

For comparison sake, here's a map of the route I ran with Laura in Champaign.  

The elevation graph makes it seem more hilly but don't be fooled.  The gain is only 46 feet and the graph only goes from 720 to 740 feet while on the Turkey Trot elevation graph it goes from 800 to 880 feet.  

Or just believe me when I say it was hilly.

I was tired but I finished with a time of about 1:11.  I'm not exactly sure of my time because I wasn't officially entered and because I was quite a ways back from the start line and not really sure where the start line was located.  And I just kind of started my watch at some random spot after we started running.  

It was a fun race overall.  Smaller, local races are always so much more fun for me because they are a lot less stressful than major races.  Following the race I gorged myself in Thanksgiving.  And it was awesome.  

Peace out.
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