Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Goals Recap

Um, it’s December 4th already? Time seems to be getting away from me lately.  Maybe it’s those 12 hours I slept on Friday night, ah yes, those 12 glorious hours of being dead to the world.  Maybe the stress of this week is getting to me?  Well time is a tickin’ even when I wish it wouldn’t and before I know it Christmas will be upon us *sigh*. 
I guess what all this means is that it is time for me to do the November goals recap.  And the goals for December will be up tomorrow.
Goal 1: Run the Turkey Trot
Check!  I ran the 7.5 mile race on Thanksgiving morning and I even dragged my mom along with me.  The hills may have been killer, but it was awesome nonetheless.  I remembered why I liked running outside so much and I still wish I was able to do it more, but the limited day light means it probably won’t be happening again till February. *tear*  I’ll just have to stick with cross-training and the dreadmill.
Goal 2: Visit the Farmer in Wisconsin
Fail.   I did have one open weekend in the month in which I intended to visit him, but instead he ended up visiting me in Chicago.  Visiting the Farmer isn’t allowed until he puts all his stuff away because he is still unpacking for the big move.  I have this hunch that he is going to move again before he ever unpacks completely.  The visit turned out just as well though because he brought me some New Glarus Fat Squirrel.  One of which I thoroughly enjoyed last night.
Goal 3: Start the 100 push up challenge
Check!  So I am not very far in the challenge but it is happening.  When I did my initial test I was able to complete 30 pushups!  Seriously must have been feeling super strong that day because the workouts have been challenging.  I may also owe a thanks to my PiYo class because my arms are always burning during that class.  But being able to do that 30 pushups initially meant I was able to skip right to week 3 workouts.  I may only be on week 4 this week but I started like I said I was going to.
I’ll notify you when I’m a champ and can do 100 pushups.  Pffffft.

This reminds me, I need to do my pushups tonight.
Goal 4: Call friends
Ehhhhhh, half check?  Well, I did talk to some friends, mostly Laura, but that’s nothing new.  (Not that I mind talking to her regularly—I love our chats!) But I didn’t talk to a whole lot of other friends.  One friend in particular, I have been trying to get a hold of for a while to no avail.  I’ll have to try again soon. 
Otherwise I am just going to board a plane and show up at her door.  That wouldn’t be strange at all.
Goal 5: Get my own domain
CHECK!! Yippee! I am so excited!  You can now find my blog by typing into your browser.  I think this will make my blog a little easier to find because my old website name was a little harder to find.  I’ve been debating switching over the WordPress hosting but haven’t yet decided.  If anyone has advice or opinions on the WordPress vs. Blogger debate, I’d love to hear it!
So overall, not bad on the goal front.  Not awesome, but not bad. 
December goals coming soon!
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