Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Facts You Always Wanted to Know

Facts for you on this Friday before Christmas.
  1. It's Christmas Eve eve and I still need to wrap all my presents.  It's looking like I won't be getting this done till tomorrow because I still have to drive home after work today.
  2. I chipped part of my tooth on Wednesday.  The tooth is painful at all, but it's driving me nuts because I keep running my tongue over the rough spot.  I managed to get a dentist appointment for next week, score!
  3. I still haven't found a new dentist here.  Suppose I should make that part of my new year's resolutions.  Thank goodness my mom didn't drop me off the dental insurance like she did off the health insurance.
  4. I swam yesterday for the first time since my last triathlon.  It felt a lot better than I expected.  Usually when I don't swim for a while it feels like I am sinking instead of swimming.  And I go super duper slow. Maybe it was just a fluke.  At least I get to check one goal of my December list.
  5. I made sour cream cookies to take to work for our holiday party yesterday.  They were delicious.
  6. I signed up for the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k yesterday.  Sometime this weekend I have to fit in 6.2 miles.  At least this will give me some motivation to workout while I'm at home.
  7. I won the Bendiful watch giveaway from Clean Eating Chelsey.  I thought about giving it away as a Christmas present, but I like it a lot so I think I am just going to keep it for my self.  See, isn't it cute?
  8. That's all folks.  
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