Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Remember that one time when…Christmas edition

Since Christmas is fast approaching (faster than I appreciate!) I decided to do a little twist on the feature and tell you a Christmas story.

Remember than one time when…my family always went to Christmas Vigil mass on Christmas Eve.  While we were at church Santa always visited.  I think this was because my family is not made of morning people.  During Christmas mass you need to get to the church early to get a good seat because it is always packed.  About a half hour before the start of mass my parents would tell my brother and I to go get in the car.  Usually we would complain and whine but eventually we would go outside and sit in the car, which was warming up outside.  My parents would then get out the hidden presents and put them in front of the tree before joining us in the car.  When we came home from church our presents would be out and Santa had visited us and eaten the cookies and milk we left for him.

Well one of these nights my brother and I went out to the car which was parked in the driveway.  From there I had a good view into the house throw the upper windows of our side door (approximately head height).  I was closely observing the activities going on inside.  This is when I saw my mom go into the basement and when she came back up the stairs I could see she was carrying one of those plastic lockers.  I correctly guessed than this was my little brother’s gift.  I saw her and my dad go up and down the stairs a few more times.  I must have already known about Santa at this point, but the little brother must have not.   I was a smart little cookie and figured out that the Christmas gifts must be hidden somewhere in the basement.  I stored this in the back of my brain for a year.

When Christmastime rolled around next year I recalled this very useful stored info.  And one day when we were home alone I went on the hunt for the gift.  It didn’t take long before I found the hidden treasure, it was safely stored in a cabinet back in the cellar.  Of course it was no fun to celebrate finding the gifts alone so I called in my brother.  We both checked out our promised haul and we were so excited for Christmas!  I’m pretty sure we somehow managed to keep that secret from our parents, but I think I must have told them later.  Soon after that Christmas Santa no longer visited our house and gifts were wrapped up quickly after they were purchased. 

See parents, you aren’t so sneaky after all.

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